1913 / 1925 Player and Sons Wrestling & Ju-Jitsu Set

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Wrestling & Ju-Jitsu Set
Year 1913 and 1925
Size 1 9/16″ x 2 1/8″
Images Color
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

1913 / 1925 Player and Sons Wrestling & Ju-Jitsu Overview

Players Wrestling and Ju-JitsuPlayers Wrestling and Ju-Jitsu 2The Player and Sons’ Wrestling & Ju-Jitsu set was one of the few to exclusively feature the sport of wrestling in the pre-war era. Wrestling cards were included in many sets but there aren’t many that feature the sport as much as this set. Technically, all 25 cards in the set are wrestling cards. But the last five are called Wrestling – Ju-Jitsu Style.

The release includes both wrestling and Ju-Jitsu cards with each card featuring a specific hold.

One key distinction of this set is that it was released two different times. The first set was initially released in 1913 while the second was in 1925. The cards can easily be distinguished as the 1913 cards have blue ink backs while the 1925 cards have gray ink backs. Some sources call the 1913 cards a 1911 issue.

Despite the two different release points, all cards have the same fronts and the same titles.

The cards all feature two men – always with red or blue shorts and trunks. The men have white shirts on some cards with no shirts on others.

1913 / 1925 Player and Sons Wrestling & Ju-Jitsu Checklist

  1. Usual First Grip
  2. Parrying the Waist Hold
  3. The Creel Hold
  4. Half-Nelson with Buttock
  5. Neck Twist Half-Nelson and Heave Combined
  6. The Arm Lock
  7. The Halch or Head Throw
  8. The Cradle Hold
  9. Leg Hold and Half-Nelson
  10. The Ankle Hold
  11. Knee Grip
  12. Half-Nelson and Foot Hold
  13. The Hold
  14. The Hank
  15. The Cross Buttock
  16. The Buttock
  17. The Outside Stroke
  18. The Hold
  19. Double Lock
  20. The Heave
  21. Japanese Leg Lock (Ju-Jitsu)
  22. Japanese Side or Ankle Throw (Ju-Jitsu)
  23. Japanese Arm Lock (Ju-Jitsu)
  24. Japanese Head and Leg Hold (Ju-Jitsu)
  25. Japanese Cross Buttock (Ju-Jitsu)

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