1937 Ogden’s Champions of 1936 Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Ogden’s Champions
Year 1937
Size 1 3/8″ x 2 11/16″
Images Color
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

1937 Ogden’s Champions of 1936 Overview

1936 Ogden Fred Perry Tennis1936 Ogden Golf1936 Ogden Jesse Owens Track and FieldThis colorful set featured champion athletes from around the world. The release was distributed by Ogden’s Cigarettes, an Imperial Tobacco company brand.

A total of 50 cards is included in the series. This set was printed in 1937 and featured champions from 1936. Sports featured include boxing, tennis, golf, soccer, track and field, horse racing, billiards, and more. Fronts of the cards feature color pictures of athletes while the backs include a biography.

Numerous stars are featured here, including tennis stars Fred Perry and Helen Jacobs but the key to the set is an early card of track and field star, Jesse Owens.

In addition to humans, the set also recognizes a handful of animals that won competitions.

1937 Ogden’s Champions of 1936 Checklist

  1. Cornelius Johnson
  2. Jack Lovelock
  3. Jesse Owens
  4. Charles Gardner
  5. F. R. D. Swain
  6. Thelma Kingsbury (tennis)
  7. R. C. F. Nichols (tennis)
  8. Joe Davis
  9. Pat Matthews
  10. Joseph Thompson
  11. G.D. Goodson
  12. James Braddock (boxing)
  13. Ben Foord (boxing)
  14. Max Euwe
  15. Derbyshire Cricket Team
  16. Wlter Hammond
  17. Harold Larwood
  18. J. Scherens
  19. Arsenal Soccer Team
  20. Sunderland Soccer Team
  21. Hull Rugby Team
  22. Leeds Rugby Team
  23. Pam Barton (golf)
  24. Alfred Padgham (golf)
  25. Hector Thomson (golf)
  26. Fine Jubilee
  27. Hand Grenade
  28. Viscount Astor
  29. Gordon Richards
  30. Mahmoud
  31. Reynoldstown
  32. Sonja Heine
  33. Helen Jacobs (tennis)
  34. Fred Perry (tennis)
  35. Sir Malcolm Campbell
  36. James Guthrie
  37. Lionel Van Praag
  38. Gar Wood
  39. H.R. Pearce
  40. L.D. Busschau
  41. Fred Dove
  42. Olive Wadham
  43. Juno
  44. J.G. O’Dwyer
  45. Old House Conquering Mimic
  46. Cruggleton Beverley
  47. Chow
  48. Croyland Chantress
  49. Bill Bay
  50. Endeavour 1

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