1930s Cloetta / Cloetta Ross Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Cloetta / Cloetta Ross
Year 1930s
Size 1″ x 1 7/8″
Images Black and White
Type Gum/Candy
Number in Set

1930s Cloetta / Cloetta Ross Set Overview

Cloetta Jack Dempsey Boxing.jpgThis set is a release from a Swedish candy company sometime around 1930. Dating seems to be somewhat up in the air. PSA has graded these cards as 1930 issues while SGC has graded them as 1930, 1930s, and 1932. Sellers advertising these cards have most often used anything from 1930 through 1932.

These small cards feature black and white images of athletes as part of a multi-sport set. The cards are unique looking with a black and white picture at the top and a full-bleed white border area at the bottom with the athlete’s name. A card number is also printed on them and it is sometimes accompanied by the word ‘Ross.’  The back includes an advertisement for Cloetta.

The cards are called both Cloetta and Cloetta Ross, and two different sets appear to have been printed. That is evident because PSA has two checklists for them seen here and here.

Cards found in the Cloetta series cover a multitude of sports, including hockey, boxing, tennis, track and field, soccer, wrestling, and others. Boxing greats Jack Dempsey, Max Schmeling, and Gene Tunney, are among the keys to the set.

1930s Cloetta / Cloetta Ross Set Checklist

Due to some confusion on the checklisting of this set, I have not included a checklist for this page yet. However, PSA’s checklist of the set can be seen here.

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