1937 Lambert & Butler Exercises Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Lambert & Butler Keep Fit
Year 1937
Size 1 3/8″ x 2 5/8″
Images Color
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

1937 Lambert & Butler Keep Fit Set Overview

This international tobacco card set was issued by Lambert & Butler out of the UK. Lambert & Butler issued a variety of tobacco card sets in the 1920s and 1930s, including other sports releases. This particular series, like many, includes a total of 50 cards.

These cards are among the more common of the exercise issues. The set features exercises for both men and women. The first 25 cards in the set were dedicated to women while the final 25 were exercises for men.

The set is titled Keep Fit. True to the name, the fronts of these cards depict a subject performing numerous exercises. The exercises were performed by generic, unnamed subjects. These cards included full color images along with the Lambert & Butler Cigarettes name as well as a title. The images were lettered and, following the picture lettering in alphabetical order, collectors could follow the specific exercise and perform it with the moves in the proper sequence. All pictures in the set are against a green background and the cards have white borders.

Backs of the cards display the Keep Fit name at the top. The backs state there are a total of 50 cards in the set and include a card number with a short description of the exercise being performed on the front. The Lambert & Butler tobacco company name is at the bottom as well as a mention that the cards were issued by parent Imperial Tobacco Company.

The cards in the checklist for women, in particular, provide a progression for a full workout. Early cards focus on breathing and stretching with the final cards focusing on cooldown.

Like many international sets, this set was later reprinted in modern times. Reprinted cards include a mention at the bottom on the back that they are a reproduction and the ink on the back was brown as opposed to black.

1937 Lambert & Butler Keep Fit Set Checklist

  1. Preliminary Breathing Exercise
  2. Head Rolling
  3. Shoulder Exercise
  4. Arm Circling
  5. Arm Flinging
  6. Spinal Exercise
  7. Body Rocking
  8. Trunk Bending
  9. Trunk Rolling
  10. Body Rolling
  11. Trunk Falling
  12. Leg Lifting and Circling
  13. Leg Raising and Lowering
  14. Leg Stretching Backwards
  15. Wrist Circling
  16. Ankle Circling
  17. Prone Falling
  18. Horizontal Half-Standing
  19. Windmill Exercise
  20. High Kicking
  21. Springing Exercise
  22. Abdominal Exercise
  23. Hip Drill
  24. Body Encircling
  25. Final Relaxing and Breathing Exercise
  26. Heel Raising and Knee Bending
  27. Trunk Turning
  28. Trunk Lowering
  29. Body Stretching
  30. Arm Bending and Stretching
  31. Astride Jumping and Bending
  32. Back Arching
  33. Abdominal Exercise
  34. Suppling Exercise
  35. Arm Circling
  36. Shoulder Loosening – 1
  37. Shoulder Loosening – 2
  38. Trunk Turning with One Arm Swinging
  39. Trunk Bending Downward
  40. Trunk Lifting
  41. Balance Exercise
  42. Falling Astride
  43. Trunk Turning with Alternate Arm Swinging
  44. Trunk Falling Backward and Swinging Upward
  45. Arm Swinging, Bending and Stretching
  46. Trunk Bending and Unrolling
  47. Knee Springing and Stretching
  48. Trunk Bending Sideways
  49. Arm Exercise
  50. Knee Lifting and Trunk Bending

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