Clay and Richmond Lithos Skating Comics (H895) Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Clay and Richmond Lithos Skating Comics
Year c1880s
Size 3 1/4″ x 5 1/4″
Images Color
Type Tobacco
Number in Set
6 (?)

Clay and Richmond Lithos Skating Comics (H895) Set Overview

This set of trade cards featured the ‘sport’ of roller skating. The set is recognized in the American Card Catalog as H895 in the trade card category.

Cards feature full color images of subjects on roller skates. It is one of the many comical trade card issues that were printed with many of the pictures of a humorous nature.

The set was issued as advertising for various businesses. Fronts of these cards feature the color images along with a space at the bottom where businesses could add their print or stamped information. The color scheme in this set is primarily red, white, and blue, with subjects depicted in that color of clothing for the most part. Some of the cards include a title while others do not. To date, I’ve seen six cards in the checklist., though it is possible that others exist.

It should be noted that the bottom advertisements were often cut off by collectors. That was common with other trade cards, too. Of course, cards uncut and with the original advertisement are more desirable and sell for a bit more.

Backs of most of the cards are usually blank. However, in addition to the space on the front, advertisers were free to use that space to print a larger advertisement, if desired.

I have not seen a definitive date for this issue. However, it is believed they are likely from the 1880s when other similar trade card issues were printed.

Clay and Richmond lithographers created this set. They issued numerous trade cards and their name appears at the bottom of each image in small font.

Two Types?

It should be noted that, while I have lumped all six cards together here, these cards could make up two different sets — one of four cards and one of two.

I have grouped these cards as one set because all six include the Clay & Richmond name and all six feature roller skaters. However, the four with titles have a slightly different ‘style’ with a slightly different color scheme from the two that are untitled.

For now, I have kept all six cards here. But other collectors could feel these are two different sets.

Clay and Richmond Lithos Skating Comics (H895) Set Checklist

  1. Untitled – Single Woman Skating
  2. Untitled – Two Girls Skating
  3. Something Must Give!
  4. Such Elegant Fun!
  5. You Make Me Tired!
  6. Wrecked

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