1938 Player’s Racing Yachts Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Player’s Racing Yachts
Year 1938
Size 2 7/16″ x 3 1/8″
Images Color
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

1938 Player’s Racing Yachts Set Overview

This was one of Player’s many 1930s sets distributed with their cigarettes products.

For most sports card collectors, the set certainly holds more appeal than many of the company’s non-sports releases. However, it certainly would still rank near the bottom of interest for most.

The set features various racing yachts. The pictures on the front were reproduced from a series of paintings by Charles Pears, as is mentioned on the back. Pears’ handwritten name can also be observed on the front, which would have likely been part of the original painting.

Backs of the cards include the Racing Yachts title at the top and the John Player and Sons name at the bottom. The bulk of the back is left for a description of the yacht’s measurements, crew size, and statistics, including prizes/wins. These feature Player’s standard designs with white borders and a similar font style/size used on many of their sets.

The cards are of the more square-like nature seen in some larger variations of UK sets that have both a smaller and larger variation.

1938 Player’s Racing Yachts Checklist

  1. Brittania
  2. J Class
  3. 12-Metre Class
  4. 8-Metre Class
  5. 6-Metre Class
  6. Royal Ocean Racing Club 25 Ft. to 35 Ft. Class
  7. Cruiser Class (Over 75 Tons)
  8. Cruiser Class (25-75 Tons)
  9. Cruiser Class (9-25 Tons)
  10. 30 Square Metre Class
  11. Dragons
  12. Star Class
  13. West Solent Restricted Class
  14. East Coast One-Design Class
  15. Solent Sunbeams
  16. Solent Q Class
  17. Redwings
  18. X One-Design Class
  19. International 14-Foot Class
  20. National 12-Foot Class
  21. Snipes
  22. Sharpies
  23. Thames Raters
  24. Dublin Bay 21-Foot Class
  25. International Canoe Class