Buchner Yacht Club Colors (N289) Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Buchner Yacht Club Colors (N289)
Year c1890
Size 2 1/8″ x 3 13/16″
Images Color
Type 19th Century Tobacco
Number in Set

Buchner Yacht Club Colors (N289) Set Overview

This was one of several 19th century tobacco cards that focused on the sport of yachting.

Instead of picturing actual yachting subjects, the set did what others did in naming specific yacht clubs but picturing pretty women as mascots of a sort, which represented those clubs.

The cards like some others that featured generic women as ‘athletes’ are a bit oversized and printed on thicker stock. Fronts include fantastic color lithographic pictures with the name of a yacht club.

Backs of the cards mention the D. Buchner & Co. name, the tobacco brand issuing this series. The backs also give a clue as to why these cards are also so rare. Backs indicate that the cards could be redeemed for various prizes as listed below:

  • 75 Cards – Pocket Book or Knife
  • 150 Cards – Illustrated Book, Defenders and Offenders
  • 250 Cards – Plush Photograph Album
  • 400 Cards – Gilt Handled Silk Umbrella
  • 500 Cards – Pair of Bronzes, “One of the Bravest”
  • 600 Cards – Bronze Clock, “One of the Finest”
  • 800 Cards – Stem Winding Watch
  • 1,000 Cards – Gilt Framed Picture, “Landing of Columbus”

The cards are rare and, subsequently, can be a bit pricey. Low-grade cards in the set typically start in the $30-$50 range.

Buchner Yacht Club Colors (N289) Set Checklist

  1. American Canoe Association
  2. Atlantic Yacht Club
  3. Beverly Yacht Club
  4. Black Sea Yacht Club
  5. Bunker Hill Yacht Club
  6. Columbian Yacht Club
  7. Eastern Yacht Club
  8. Haverhill Yacht Club
  9. Hudson River Yacht Club
  10. Larchmont Yacht Club
  11. Long Island Yacht Club
  12. Lynn Yacht Club
  13. Madison Yacht Club
  14. New Jersey Yacht Club
  15. New York Yacht Club
  16. Oceanic Yacht Club
  17. Portland Yacht Club
  18. Royal Harwich Yacht Club
  19. St. Augustine Yacht Club
  20. Seawanhaka Yacht Club
  21. Williamsburgh Yacht Club

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