1938 Mars Aeroplanes, Pilots, and Airports Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Mars Aeroplanes, Pilots, and Airports
Year 1938
Size 1 5/16″ x 2 11/16″
Images Color
Type Gum and Candy
Number in Set

1938 Mars Aeroplanes, Pilots, and Airports Set Overview

This rare set was issued by Mars Confections, which offered several trading card sets in the 1930s.

Specifically, these cards were offered by Mars for their Milky Way Bars. The set was a bit unique in that it featured a mix of famous airplanes, pilots, and airports. Like other Mars cards, these are narrow looking cards, similar to the tobacco and caramel cards that were issued in the early 20th century. The cards, however, are slightly narrower than even those standards.

Fronts include color images of pilots, planes, and airports, as advertised. They have white borders with a simple title printed at the bottom. Backs include the Famous Aeroplanes, Pilots, and Airports name at the top, where it includes the series includes a total of 50 cards. A biography/description of the subject is provided as well as the Mars and Milky Way mention at the bottom.

A variety of sources were used for the photos. Some photos indicate the photograph on the front was provided courtesy of Aeroplane while others state they were courtesy of “Flight.” Others make no mention of a credit.

The set is not an easy one to find so, to a degree, all of the cards are somewhat desirable. However, a card of Amelia Earhart is the one most in demand. The Earhart card would have been issued following her 1937 disappearance during an attempt to become the first female to perform a circumnavigational flight of the globe. Her card refers to the attempt but states that her plane was damaged while taking off after flying from California to Honolulu.

1938 Mars Aeroplanes, Pilots, and Airports Set Checklist

  1. H.F. Broadbent
  2. Flt.-LT T. Rose D.F.C.
  3. Le Bourget
  4. Burnelli UB 14
  5. Weir Direct Take-Off Autogiro
  6. Squad-Leader F.R.D. Swain
  7. Amy Johnson
  8. New Delhi
  9. Short – Singapore III
  10. Farman F-224
  11. David Llewellyn
  12. Warrant Officer Agello
  13. Midway Island
  14. Miles Falcon
  15. Vickers Wellington
  16. Jean Batten
  17. J.A. Mollison
  18. Miami
  19. Breguet 27
  20. Fiat Apr 2
  21. Charles Lindbergh
  22. Beryl Markham
  23. Percival Vega Gull
  24. Avro Anson
  25. Bristol 138
  26. H.L. Brook
  27. Wing Commander E.H. Fielden
  28. Armstrong Whitworth Ensign
  29. Blackburn Dive Bomber
  30. Bristol “Blenheim”
  31. Maryse Hilsz
  32. Schipol, Amsterdam
  33. Rand, Johannesburg
  34. Macchi MC72
  35. Sikorsky S-42A
  36. Amelia Earhart (Mrs. Putnam)
  37. Rotterdam
  38. D.H. Albatross
  39. D.H. Leopard Moth
  40. Kamikaze
  41. C.W.A. Scott
  42. Lympne
  43. Airspeed Envoy Series III
  44. Miles Mohawk
  45. De Havilland Dragonfly
  46. Maasaki Ilunuma & Kenji Tsukagoshi
  47. Croydon
  48. Empire Flying-Boat
  49. Hawker Hurricane
  50. B.A. Double Eagle

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