1933-34 National Chicle Sky Birds (R136) Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title National Chicle Sky Birds (R136)
Year 1933-34
Size 2 5/16″ x 2 7/8″
Images Color
Type Gum and Candy
Number in Set

1933-34 National Chicle Sky Birds (R136) Set Overview

The 1933-34 National Chicle Sky Birds set is arguably the most popular pre-war aviation set even produced.

Like National Chicle’s Diamond Stars baseball card set, these colorful cards have a similar art deco style that has made them highly sought after over the years. The cards are different from other aviation sets that focus more on the planes.

This set’s focus was on the aviators themselves. The cards included color pictures of aviators and aircraft and the backs included a card number and description of the aviator.

A total of 108 cards were issued in the set which began in 1933 and concluded in 1934. 144 cards were originally planned (more on that in a bit) but only 108 were issued. The set includes some of the most famous names in flight, including Charles Lindbergh, Clarence Chamberlain, Amelia Earhart, Orville Wright, and more. Wilbur Wright, the other half of the famous Wright Brothers, was not included — he died in 1912 after contracting typhoid fever.

Amelia Earhart Card

Of all of the big names in the set, none is arguably bigger than Amelia Earhart.

Earhart’s card is arguably the most valuable and is typically considered to be her ‘rookie’ card by many. However, she has at least one earlier appearance on a card in the 1932 Olympia set where she is pictured with a handful of other people. The Sky Birds card may be her earliest card where she is the only subject, however Earhart appears on other issues dated to the 1930s so even that is not certain. Nevertheless, it is her most popular card by a wide margin and one of her few true contemporary trading cards prior to her 1937 disappearance during her attempt to be the first female to complete a circumnavigational flight around the world.

Cards were issued with National Chicle’s Sky Birds gum product. For one cent, consumers got a piece of gum and one of the cards. As this site indicates, there were at least four different wrappers. All had a patriotic red, white, and blue theme, though the blue was a lighter ‘sky’ blue color.

Even in low-grade condition, the card has become quite valuable. In lesser condition as a raw card, it typically starts around $50-100.

Here’s more on the Earhart card.

Back Variations

The backs are a bit more complex. An initial series of 24 cards was issued in 1933 and the first cards produced have a 1933 copyright as well as a mention that they are part of a 48-card series. The series was continued 1934 with another 24 cards added to fulfill the 48-card promise.

However, also in 1934, National Chicle intended to expand the set to 144 cards and printed that on the backs of later cards. But only another 60 cards were issued to create a 108-card set. All of the 1934 cards have a 1934 copyright date but some still have the original 48-card mention while others mention a new total of 144 cards (even though only 108 were issued.

1933-34 National Chicle Sky Birds (R136) Set Checklist

The first 24 cards were issued in 1933 and the others were issued in 1934.

  1. Lieut. David Putnam
  2. Rene Fonck
  3. Lieut. Thieffry
  4. Capt. Albert Hall
  5. Capt. James N. Hall
  6. Capt. Albert Heurteaux
  7. Rene Dorme
  8. Major Baracca
  9. Roland Garros
  10. Charles Nungesser
  11. Lt. Norman Prince
  12. Frank Luke
  13. Kiffin Y. Rockwell
  14. Sgt. James McConnell
  15. Lt. Bert Hall
  16. Max Immelman
  17. Lieut. Douglass Campbell
  18. Quentin Roosevelt
  19. Capt. De Beauchamp
  20. Edward Rickenbacker
  21. Georges Guynemer
  22. Maj. Raoul Lufbery
  23. Baron Von Richthofen
  24. Lt. Frank L. Baylies
  25. Lt. Joseph Wehner
  26. Col. Wm. A. Bishop
  27. LtCol. Wm. Thaw
  28. Russell N. Boardman
  29. Floyd Bennett
  30. Willy Coppens
  31. Maj. Geo. A. Vaughn, Jr.
  32. Lt. James Doolittle
  33. Capt. C. Kingsford-Smith
  34. LtCom. Frank M. Hawks
  35. Gen. Italo Balbo
  36. Charles A. Lindbergh
  37. Clarence D. Chamberlain
  38. Capt. James McCudden
  39. Edward A. Stinson
  40. Bernt Balchen
  41. Spad
  42. Albatross Taube 1914
  43. Juan de la Cierva
  44. Adm. William A. Moffett
  45. E. Hamilton Lee
  46. Capt. Oswald Boelcke
  47. Lt. Edward C. Parsons
  48. Amelia Earhart
  49. Orville Wright
  50. Ruth Nichols
  51. Lt. Werner Voss
  52. The Salamander
  53. Edmont Genet
  54. Georges Madon
  55. Maj. Reed Landis
  56. D.H. 10 Bomber
  57. The Bristol Fighter
  58. Capt. John Alcock
  59. John Macready
  60. Capt. Roald Amundsen
  61. Gabriel D’Annunzio
  62. Wiley Post
  63. Nieuport Triplane
  64. Deperdussin Monoplane
  65. Vickers Vampire B.R.2
  66. Lt. Col. Armand Pinsard
  67. Sidor Malloc Singh
  68. Fokker Triplane
  69. Ernst Udet
  70. Capt. Frank Hunt
  71. Winnie Mae
  72. The Spirit of St. Louis
  73. Lt. Paul Neibling
  74. Lt. Rudolf Von Eschwege
  75. Elliott White Springs
  76. Capt. Brocard
  77. Capt. A. Roy Brown
  78. Maj. Donald McLaren
  79. German Gotha
  80. German Junkers
  81. Macchi
  82. Parnell Panther
  83. Albatross D.
  84. Sopwith Camel
  85. Lt. Alan McLeod
  86. The Austin Ball
  87. Eugene Gilbert
  88. C.B. Eielson
  89. Nieuport Rocket Ship
  90. Wild Bill Wellman
  91. Maj. DeSeversky
  92. Capt. Francis McCubbin
  93. Sopwith Tabloid
  94. Voisin I2 BN 2
  95. Buggatti-Spad
  96. A.E.G. Bomber
  97. Capt. Thenault
  98. Elliot Gowdin
  99. David S. Ingalls
  100. Maj. David McK. Peterson
  101. Harold June
  102. Lt. Alan F. Winslow
  103. Spad Hersemont
  104. Halberstadt
  105. Sopwith Torpedo Carrier
  106. Morane Parasol
  107. Marchetti-Vickers
  108. Fokker D.B.

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