1941 Goudey Sky Birds (R137) Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Goudey Sky Birds (R137)
Year 1941
Size 2 1/4″ x 2 7/8″
Images Color
Type Gum and Candy
Number in Set

1941 Goudey Sky Birds (R137) Set Overview

In 1933-34, National Chicle produced one of the most famous aviation card sets ever released called Sky Birds. In 1941, the year of Goudey’s final baseball card issue, Goudey released its own version of Sky Birds.

Goudey’s Sky Birds set is interesting but never came close to the popularity of National Chicle’s set. Goudey’s cards included color cartoon depictions o famous aircraft along with a Sky-Birds logo. The bottom of the cards included the name of the particular aircraft and a directive to collect the full series. Backs of the cards, like Goudey’s baseball cards from 1941, were completely blank.

Interestingly enough, quality control in this set was much higher than Goudey’s baseball card set that year. The 1941 Goudey baseball cards are not only saddled with a poor checklist but quality control was terrible with cards often miscut, off-center, and even having torn edges. By comparison, the 1941 Goudey Sky Birds cards are much ‘cleaner.’

Cards in the set typically start in the $5-$10 range for most commons.

1941 Goudey Sky Birds (R137) Set Checklist

  1. U.S.A. Patrol Bomber
  2. English Gloster
  3. Hawker Henley
  4. German Junker JU-86R Bomber
  5. German Hamburger
  6. English Hawker Hurricane
  7. U.S.A. Boeing B-17
  8. French Hanriot 220
  9. U.S.A. Curtis Pursuit Plane
  10. German Stuka Henschef HS-123
  11. German Dorner DO-17
  12. German Messerschmidt BT-109-R
  13. Italian Fiat Bi-Plane
  14. Italian Breda 88
  15. Russia L-760
  16. U.S.A. Curtis-Hawk 75
  17. U.S.A. Brewster F-2A1
  18. English The Short Sunderland
  19. Swedish Bristol Bulldog
  20. U.S.A. Lockheed XP 38
  21. English Famous Spitfire
  22. Japan-Mitsubishi 96 Bomber
  23. U.S.A. Consolidated
  24. China Northrup

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