1930 Wills Speed Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Wills Speed
Year 1930
Size 1 3/8″ x 2 5/8″
Images Color
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

1930 Wills Speed Set Overview

This international tobacco card set was issued by Wills Tobacco for their cigarettes. Wills issued a variety of tobacco card sets in the 1930s, including other sports releases. This particular series, like many, includes a total of 50 cards.

The set is simply titled, Speed. The set includes automobiles, airplanes, ships/boats, motorcycles, and trains. It does not merely picture vehicles. Rather, the backs reference specific operators of those crafts. Additionally, several of the auto racing cards, in particular, mention specific races in which the cars appeared.

A total of 22 cards feature airplanes and flying craft, eight picture trains, 11 feature automobiles/motorcycles, and nine feature ships/boats. The boating subset include a range of types, including large ships and smaller motor boats.

Fronts of the cards include color pictures and the title of the craft pictured. The back has a brief description of the craft, as well as a card number, the title of the set, and indicates they were issued by the Imperial Tobacco Company of Great Britain & Ireland, Ltd. with Wills Cigarettes.

The cards are a bit rarer than many other Wills sets of the later 1930s.

1930 Wills Speed Set Checklist

  1. Alcock’s Vickers Vimy Bomber
  2. Cobham’s D.S. 50
  3. Hinkler’s Avro Avian
  4. “The Spirit of St. Louis”
  5. D.H. 71 (Tiger Moth)
  6. Supermarine Napier S.S.
  7. D.H. Cirrus II Moth
  8. Junkers Monoplane
  9. The “Southern Cross”
  10. “Graf Zeppelin”
  11. D.H. Gipsy Moth
  12. Fairey Long Range Monoplane
  13. Supermarine Rolls Royce Royce S. 6.
  14. Macchi 52 Bis.
  15. “Opel” Rocket-Driven Glider
  16. Dornier Do. X
  17. The R 101
  18. Armstrong Whitworth Argosy
  19. D.H. 65 (Hund)
  20. D.H. 66 (Hercules)
  21. Short Calcutta
  22. Handley Page 40-Seater
  23. The “Blue Bird”
  24. “The Golden Arrow”
  25. Grand Prix Race Le Mans, 1929
  26. Hon. Mrs. Victor Bruce at Montlhery, 1929
  27. Irish Grand Prix Race Dublin, 1929
  28. The “Tiger”
  29. Ulster T.T. Race, 1929
  30. Ulster T.T. Race, 1929
  31. Senior T.T. Race, 1929
  32. Junior T.T. Race, 1929
  33. Lightweight T.T. Race, 1929
  34. “The Cheltenham Flyer”
  35. “Royal Scot”
  36. The Glasgow-Leeds Express
  37. The “Queen of Scots”
  38. The Nord Express
  39. The Sud Express
  40. The Prince of Wales’s Trans-European Journey
  41. “The Atlantic City Flyer”
  42. H.M. Battleship “Queen Elizabeth”
  43. H.M. Battle Cruiser “Hood”
  44. H.M. Destroyer “Amazon”
  45. H.M. Submarine K23
  46. The “Mauretania”
  47. The “Bremen”
  48. The “Augustus”
  49. “Miss England”
  50. “The Sea Hawk”

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