1935 Ardath Speed Land Sea & Air Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Ardath Speed Land Sea & Air
Year 1935
Size 1 3/8″ x 2 5/8″
Images Color
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

1935 Ardath Speed Land Sea & Air Set Overview

This international tobacco card set was issued by Ardath Tobacco for their State Express Cigarettes brand. Ardath issued a variety of tobacco card sets in the 1930s, including other sports releases. This particular series, like many, includes a total of 50 cards.

The theme of the set follows its title — speed. The set includes automobiles, airplanes, ships/boats, motorcycles, and trains. It is included here because the backs of some cards represent specific subjects. For example, auto racing driver Sir Malcolm Campbell is mentioned on the back of a card picturing his famous Blue Bird car.

A total of 15 cards feature airplanes and flying craft, 15 picture trains, ten feature automobiles/motorcycles, and ten feature ships/boats.

Fronts of the cards include color pictures and the title of the craft pictured. The back has a brief description of the craft, as well as a card number, the title of the set, and indicates they were issued with State Express Cigarettes.

1935 Ardath Speed Land Sea & Air Set Checklist

  1. De Havilland “Comet”
  2. Vickers Supermarine
  3. Hawker “Fury”
  4. “Hannibal”
  5. Gloster “Gauntlet”
  6. “Overstrand”
  7. Cierva Autogiro
  8. Short “Scipio”
  9. Douglas D.C.2
  10. Boeing 247-D
  11. Breguet 41
  12. Macchi Castoldi, M.72
  13. Fiat C.R. 32
  14. Heinkel H.E. 70A
  15. Graf Zeppelin
  16. “Flying Scotsman”
  17. The “10,000”
  18. “Cock O’ The North”
  19. “Royal Scot”
  20. “Cheltenham Flyer”
  21. “Golden Arrow”
  22. “Dominion”
  23. “Trans-Australia”
  24. “Union Limited”
  25. “Imperial Mail”
  26. “20th Century Limited”
  27. “Streamline”
  28. “Blue Train”
  29. “Simplon-Orient Express”
  30. “Flying Hamburger”
  31. “Blue Bird”
  32. “Golden Arrow”
  33. “Napier-Railton”
  34. A.E.C. “Oiler”
  35. M.G. “Magic Magnette”
  36. M.G. “Magic Midget”
  37. Rolls-Royce 40/50
  38. Maserati
  39. North
  40. B.M.W.
  41. “Queen Mary”
  42. “Strathnaver”
  43. “Rex”
  44. “Bremen”
  45. “Britannia”
  46. “Endeavour”
  47. Miss Britain III
  48. H.M.S. Hood
  49. H.M.S. Amazon
  50. H.M.S. Thames

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