1935 Lambert & Butler Airmen and Airwomen Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Lambert & Butler Airmen and Airwomen
Year 1935
Size 1 3/8″ x 2 5/8″
Images Black and White
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

1935 Lambert & Butler Airmen and Airwomen Set Overview

This set of tobacco cards featured British aviators. The set is one of many sports issues printed for Lambert and Butler tobacco products.

In all, there are a total of 25 cards in the set. Each card features a black and white sketch of a pilot. The fronts look very basic. They include only a black and white sketch of an aviator with the Lambert & Butler Cigarettes name at the top.

The backs are much closer to standard international issues from the UK with a writeup about the subject on the front, a card number, and the name of the set, along with a short advertisement for Lambert & Butler at the bottom while indicating they were issued by the parent firm, Imperial Tobacco Co. of Great Britain & Ireland, Ltd.

Because the set features only British aviators, many significant names in the sport are missing from it.

Many Lambert & Butler issues are not as common as Wills or Churchman issues, other tobacco brands in the UK. That is also the case with this set. Still, prices are not outrageous for it with complete sets selling for about $30-$40.

1935 Lambert & Butler Airmen and Airwomen Set Checklist

  1. Flight-Lieut. R.L.R. Atcherley
  2. Captain C.D. Barnard
  3. Miss Jean Batten
  4. The Duchess of Bedford
  5. T. Campbell Black
  6. Flight-Lieut. J.N. Boothman
  7. Captain H.S. Broad
  8. H.L. Brook
  9. Hon. Mrs. Victor Bruce
  10. Flight-Lieut. P.W.S. Bulman
  11. The Marquess of Clydesdale
  12. Sir Alan Cobham
  13. Captain G. De Havilland
  14. Squadron-Leader O.R. Gayford
  15. Captain W.L. Hope
  16. Air Commodore Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith
  17. C.J. Melrose
  18. Mrs. Amy Mollison
  19. J.A. Mollison
  20. Wing-Commander A.H. Orlebar
  21. Flight-Lieut. H.M. Schofield
  22. C.W.A. Scott
  23. Flight-Lieut. G.H. Stainforth
  24. Flight-Lieut. C.S. Staniland
  25. Captain C.F. Uwins

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