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Studying the Two Types of Cloetta Ross Cards

A rare candy set has two different types, causing confusion among collectors The 1930s Cloetta Ross cards are an interesting series. This was a large multi-sport candy set believed to be produced out of Sweden. The exact year of distribution is a bit muddied but they are typically called either a 1930 set or a 1930s issue. Many big names

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Pre-War Rookie Cards Often Difficult to Determine

Finding the first cards of early athletes can prove challenging Lots of collectors consider themselves to be rookie card enthusiasts. The idea of finding a player’s first card is often a lot of fun. Collecting rookie cards of modern players isn’t too hard. The biggest ‘problem’ is that rookie cards of baseball players these days usually come out long before

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1920s Cigarrillos Dolar Color Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’ Title Cigarrillos Dolar Year 1920s Size Various Images Color Type Tobacco Number in Set Unknown 1920s Cigarrillos Dolar Color Set Overview Not much is known (at least in terms of American collecting) about these rare tobacco cards. But what we can say is that Cigarrillos Dolar issued a few series of cards with sports subjects. This

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