1935 Amalgamated Press The Champion Portfolio of Sport Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Amalgamated Press Champion Sports Sports Wallet
Year 1935
Size 1 3/4″ x 2 9/16″ (card/photo size)
Images Black and White
Type Publications
Number in Set

1935 Amalgamated Press Champion Portfolio of Sport Overview

This unique set includes athletes in a variety of sports. The concept is a bit different from other sets.

The set includes a series of eight booklets of cards. The cards, in original form, are all attached in a long strip and when each book is opened, the cards fall out like a plastic photograph holder in a wallet. Each booklet includes a total of seven cards. Collectors should note, this was one of two series of cards. A second edition from 1936 includes eight booklets with six cards.

The booklets do not include much in the way of the four major American sports. However, actor and college football player Johnny Mack Brown is included in a series titled, Sportsmen of the Screen. Other sports featured in the series includes boxing, track and field, auto racing, soccer, cricket, and more.

The cards are black and white with a basic look and the athlete’s name at the bottom of each card. Backs are blank. The cards are very fragile. They are printed on a paper stock with a matte finish and are incredibly easy to damage. The covers that they come in have helped protect some of them but even the covers are only a standard construction paper stock.

The booklets are themed by sport, though three (Sportsmen of the Screen, Champions of the Empire, and World Record Chasers) include subjects from various sports. Sportsmen of the Screen depicted actors in sporting roles in films — though, in the case of the aforementioned Johnny Mack Brown, some were indeed actual athletes at one point.

In addition to Brown’s card, there are several other notables in this series, including soccer legend Dixie Dean, cricket star Don Bradman, and auto racing icon Rudolf Caracciola. Perhaps of most interest to American collectors is the boxing series, which features Hall of Famers and champions, including Max Schmeling, Jack Sharkey, Primo Carnera, and more.

Each booklet has a blue or white color and includes a cartoon depiction of the sport featured. The booklets then fit into holders inside of a large orange book.

The eight individual booklets of cards include:

  • Speed Demons of Road and Track (Racing)
  • Fighting Furies of the Boxing Ring (Boxing)
  • Soccer’s Wily Wizards (Soccer)
  • World Record Chasers (Multi-Sport)
  • Sportsmen of the Screen (Multi-Sport)
  • Test Match Record Breakers (Cricket)
  • Favourites of the Speedway (Motorcycle Racing)
  • Champions of the Empire (Multi-Sport)

All of the booklets are quite rare. Because they were created with only basic construction paper, they are even harder to find in good condition.

1935 Amalgamated Press Champion Sports Wallet Checklist

Champions of the Empire (Multi-Sport)

  • Lord Burghley (Track & Field)
  • R.J. Bushell (Skiing)
  • T. Hampson (Track & Field)
  • D. McNaughton (Track & Field)
  • Dr. P. O’Callghan (Track & Field)
  • E.A. Phelps (Sculling/Rowing)
  • W. Spence (Swimming)

Favourites of the Speedway (Motorcycle Racing)

  • Frank Arthur
  • Max Grosskruetz
  • Vic Huxley
  • Billy Lamont
  • Eric Langton
  • Jack Ormston
  • Jack Parker

Fighting Furies of the Boxing Ring (Boxing)

  • Primo Carnera
  • George Cook
  • Jack Doyle
  • Larry Gains
  • Jack Petersen
  • Max Schmeling
  • Jack Sharkey

Soccer’s Wily Wizards (Soccer)

  • E. Blenkinsop
  • Dixie Dean
  • Roy Goodall
  • Alex James
  • Peter O’Dowd
  • E. Rimmer
  • J. Smith

Speed Demons of Road and Track (Automobile and Motorcycle Racing)

  • Sir H. Birkin
  • Malcolm Campbell
  • Rudolf Caracciola
  • G.E.T. Eyston
  • Earl Howe
  • Speedy Bob Lea
  • Stanley Woods

Sportsmen of the Screen (Multi-Sport)

  • George Bancroft (Boxing)
  • Wallace Beery (Aviation)
  • William Collier (Speed Boat Racing)
  • Ivan Lebedeff and Col. Theodor Olferieff (Fencing)
  • Johnny Mack (Football)
  • Joel McCrea (Wrestling)
  • Victor McLaglen (Training)

Test Match Record Breakers (Cricket)

  • Don Bradman
  • C.V. Grimmett
  • W.R. Hammond
  • W.A. Oldfield
  • H. Sutcliffe
  • Hedley Verity
  • W.M. Woodull

World Record Chasers (Multi-Sport)

  • Malcolm Campbell (Auto Racing)
  • Kaye Don (Speed Boat Racing)
  • H. Grant (Cycling)
  • Wizard Norman Smith and the Enterprise (Auto Racing)
  • Lt. Stainforth (Aviation)
  • Gar Wood (Speed Boat Racing)
  • J.S. Wright (Motorcycle Racing)

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