1930 Campbell’s Soup Bridge Tally / Tallies Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Campbell’s Soup Bridge Tallies
Year 1930
Size 2″ x 6 1/2″
Images Color
Type Food
Number in Set

1930 Campbell’s Soup Set Overview

Campbell's Soup Bridge Tallies - Hockey Player (1930s)The 1930 Campbell’s Soup bridge tallies set featured miscellaneous children participating in a variety of activities. The cards are almost bookmark-shaped in appearance and fold in designated places to form a pop-up card of sorts.

While they look like bookmarks, that isn’t what these are. They were used to tally scores from games of bridge. The backs have places to fill in the information and scores for each team playing the popular card game.

A total of 20 different tally cards were printed. Most are non-sports related but of most interest in the set to collectors is the hockey card, which features a child skating on the ice, managing a puck with a stick. A phrase is printed at the bottom of each one relating the child’s activity to Campbell’s Soup. The hockey card reads:

“I’m always sure to be a winner when I’ve had Campbell’s for my dinner.”

The cards were mailed by Campbell’s and, per the insert they sent, two of them were attached together to help avoid them being damaged in shipping. They were to be simply cut apart, which is how you will most often find them today. However, some can also be found uncut and attached to another card. These are more valuable than the individual tallies that have been separated. They were mailed from Campbell with the return address ‘The Home of the Campbell Kids.’

The cards do not include names of any children. Images are printed in color and a different Campbell’s slogan is at the bottom.

In addition to these, other Campbell’s bridge tallies exist in different sizes. I have not seen any sports issues in those, however.

1930 Campbell’s Soup Set Checklist

A total of 20 cards are found in the set:

  1. Boy with accordion
  2. Boy in blue outfit
  3. Boy and girl back to back
  4. Boy marching with gun
  5. Boy with red jacket
  6. Chef
  7. Cowboy
  8. Fire girl
  9. Girl with flowers
  10. Girl in light green dress
  11. Girl in darker green dress
  12. Girl knitting
  13. Hockey player
  14. Ice boy
  15. Mountie
  16. Pilot
  17. Police officer
  18. Skiier
  19. Sled rider
  20. Trumpet player

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