1936 Allen’s Sports and Flags of Nations Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Allen’s Sports and Flags of Nations
Year 1936
Size 1 5/8″ x 2 1/2″
Images Color
Type Food and Candy/Gum
Number in Set

Allen’s Sports and Flags of Nations Overview

1936 Allens Sports and Flags of NationsAllens Sports GolfAllen’s is an Australian confectionery company producing a wide variety of products. Founded in 1891, the company was taken over by Nestle in the 1980s.

Allen’s distributed this set of 36 cards featuring the flags and sports of various countries around the world. To the bulk of American collectors, the most important card is No. 16, which features American and the sport of baseball. Also in the set is a card for Sweden that features hockey.

The baseball card features the American flag as well as the name ‘America’ at the bottom of a circular image depicting a generic baseball player. The back presents a short biography of the sport and reads:

“Baseball can rightly be called American’s national game and is played throughout the country. Immense crowds go to see their teams play and leading baseballers are the highest-paid men in the country.”

In addition to the baseball card, a second American card is also included featuring the sport of golf. America, Australia, and England all have two cards. Some sports are also covered more than once as noted below.

In addition to the major sports of baseball and hockey, other popular sets include golf, tennis, and soccer. Three football cards are included but collectors should note that the Australian football card depicts rugby while the other two are (to Americans, anyway) soccer.

While the biographies of the sports did not change, there are four different backs as they feature different advertisements for a number of Allen’s products. Those are listed below and you may sometimes see the set listed with these names.

  • Allen’s Cure ‘Em Quick
  • Allen’s Irish Moss Gum Jubes
  • Allen’s Q-T Fruit Drops
  • Allen’s Steam Rollers

Because some of these products can be considered either food or candy, I have listed this set in both the food and candy/gum sections of this site.

Allen’s Sports and Flags of Nations Checklist

  1. Australia – Cricket
  2. Australia – Football (Rugby)
  3. Scotland – Golf
  4. England – Cricket
  5. Canada – Lacrosse
  6. South Africa – Big Game Hunting
  7. England – Football (Soccer)
  8. India – Polo
  9. Scotland – Curling
  10. England – Hunting
  11. Ireland – Horse Racing
  12. Wales – Football (Soccer)
  13. Ceylon – Rickshaw Racing
  14. New Zealand – Fishing
  15. Austria – Mountaineering
  16. America – Baseball
  17. Norway – Skiing
  18. France – Tennis
  19. Japan – Staff Fishing
  20. America – Golf
  21. Germany – Physical Culture
  22. Russia – Sleighing
  23. Belgium – Bike Riding
  24. China – Kite Flying
  25. Switzerland – Chamois Shooting
  26. Finland – Field Games
  27. Spain – Bullfighting
  28. Denmark – Swimming
  29. Sweden – Ice Hockey
  30. Czecoslovakia – Boat Racing
  31. Holland – Skating
  32. Brazil – Bullfighting
  33. Italy – Motor Racing
  34. Greece – Wrestling
  35. Mexico – Horse Racing
  36. Poland – Field Games

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