R161 Walt Disney Comics Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title R161 Walt Disney Comics
Year 1940s
Size 2 1/4″ x 2 5/8″
Images Color
Type Candy/Gum
Number in Set

R161 Walt Disney Comics Overview

R161 Walt Disney Comics BaseballMickey Mouse R161 FootballThis 32-card set features Walt Disney characters participating in a variety of sports. The cards feature color cartoon images of the characters and in a red border at the bottom, have a caption describing the scene. “Walt Disney Productions” is also printed on the cards.

In all, eight different characters are represented with each character featured on a total of four cards. Many of the sports are minor ones, but baseball, football, and basketball are all included. While the set includes only one football and basketball card, baseball is included on three cards and represented by Mickey Mouse (batter), Goofy (batter), and Joe Carioca (pitcher). Boxing and golf are also popular sports that are featured.

The cards have some perforated edges and were apparently attached at some point.

Dating Issues

The exact date on this set is unknown. While it is commonly cited as a 1930s issue, the inclusion of Joe Carioca, as mentioned here, seems to mean it should be dated later.

Carioca is not believed to have been created until the early 1940s. As a result, the set is sometimes dated to either 1942 or 1944 — the years in which he appeared in Disney films. Even those dates, of course, are mere guesses. Simply because Carioca appeared in movies in those years does not mean this set was produced at that time.

R161 Walt Disney Comics Checklist

  1. Donald Duck Takes a Dive (Diving)
  2. Donald Duck Yachting
  3. Donald Duck Bowling
  4. Donald Duck Rides a Bike
  5. Dumbo Makes a Landing
  6. Dumbo Runs a Race
  7. Dumbo Plays Acrobatics
  8. Dumbo Plays Push Ball
  9. Mickey Mouse Takes a Fall (Roller Skating)
  10. Mickey Mouse the Football Player (Football)
  11. Mickey Mouse King of the Sand Lot (Baseball)
  12. Mickey Mouse the Champ (Boxing)
  13. Minnie Mouse Plays Shuffleboard
  14. Minnie Mouse Takes a Trip (with Golf clubs)
  15. Minnie Mouse Enjoys Her Skis
  16. Minnie Mouse Plays Tennis
  17. Goofy Makes a Hole in One (Golf)
  18. Goofy Hits a Homer (Baseball)
  19. Goofy Goes Swimming
  20. Goofy Does Some Fishing
  21. Joe Carioca Tries for High Score (Archery)
  22. Watch it! Joe Carioca Pitching (Baseball)
  23. Joe Carioca Plays Polo
  24. ‘It’s a Cinch,” says Joe Carioca (Bowling?)
  25. Pluto Catches the Ball
  26. Pluto Tries to Skate (Roller Skating)
  27. Pluto Wins by a Nose
  28. Pluto Goes a Hunting
  29. Panchito on the Surf Board
  30. Panchito Plays Basketball (Basketball)
  31. Panchito the Bull Fighter
  32. Panchito Rowing a Boat

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