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What is Joe DiMaggio doing in the 1939 Orcajo Cincinnati Reds Postcard Set?

The 1937-39 Orcajo Cincinnati Reds postcards set was classified as PC786 by Jefferson Burdick in his American Card Catalog. The set, which was printed over a three-year period, was the work of Orcajo, a photography studio in Dayton, Ohio. Three different advertisers used these images that were produced by Orcajo, a photography company of some sort. The companies using these

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1868-70 Peck and Snyder Trade Cards

‘It’s In The Details’ Title Peck and Snyder Year 1868-70 Size Various Images Sepia/Black and White Type Trade Card Number in Set N/A Peck and Snyder Trade Cards Overview At the time of printing, Peck and Snyder hardly had an idea of the significance of the issues they created. Peck and Snyder trade cards are considered to be the earliest

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1919 Cincinnati Reds Trade Card

‘It’s In The Details’ Title 1919 Cincinnati Reds Trade Card Year 1919 Size 3 3/4″ x 6″ Images Black and White Type Trade Number in Set 1 1919 Cincinnati Reds Trade Card Overview This is a trade card that was used to promote the World Series winning Cincinnati Reds baseball team. The card features a team photograph of the Reds,

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