1938-40 Cincinnati Reds Set and Checklist (W711)

‘It’s In The Details’

Title W711 Cincinnati Reds
Year 1938-40
Size Varies by set
Images Color and Black/White
Type Miscellaneous
Number in Set
Varies by set

1938-40 W711 Cincinnati Reds Overview

W711 Joost.jpg

The W711 Cincinnati Reds set consists of various team cards and postcards produced from 1939 through 1956. While most of the sets were created beyond the pre-war era, the 1938, 1939, and 1940 sets fall within the war-time boundaries.

Jefferson Burdick classified the 1939 and 1940 issues as W711 in his American Card Catalog. However, a 1938 issue also exists that he did not include in that classification. While the 1938 set was not technically given the W711 designation by Burdick, it is included here because of its similarity to the 1939 release.

Those team-issued sets are among the latest releases of the pre-war era. Each one featured cards of members of the Cincinnati Reds. Pictures were printed in color with the player’s name and position printed in a bright orange rectangle at the bottom. The backs included no statistical information but did offer the player’s name and a biography.

While these are typically referred to as team-issued cards, they were ordered from Harry Hartman Publishing, who was the likely printer of them. Order forms for Hartman’s Cincinnati offices (606 Greenwood Building) were basic and how fans received these cards. An order form purportedly for 1940 lists the set for a price of fifteen cents.

The 1938 set includes a total of 23 cards while 1939 has 27. Both sets measure approximately 2″ x 3″. Because they both feature players from the Cincinnati Reds, many players are the same in both sets. Making things worse is that the same pictures were often used.

When two players are in both sets, that can present some difficult in determining which year a particular card is from. The easiest way to tell the difference is usually to check the biographies on the back, most of which (if not all) are different.

W711-2 LombardiThe 1940 set was much different from these two issues.

Instead of a more rectangular shape of card with color pictures, the 1940 W711-2 cards were black and white and had more of a square shape. These cards measure approximately 2 1/8″ wide by 2 5/8″ tall.

These cards had white borders and resembled some more like the 1948 Bowman cards that would be released later.

Show here is a 1940 W711-2 example of Hall of Famer Ernie Lombardi, one of the keys to the set.

After the 1940 set, there was a large lag in time between sets. The next Reds team issue cataloged under the W711 header was a set of postcards in 1955. Other postcard and picture releases followed.

Sets in the W711 Classification

The entire W711 series is listed below.

  • 1938 Reds Cards Cars (color)
  • W711-1 1939 Reds Cards (color)
  • W711-2 1940 Reds Cards (black and white)
  • W711 1955 Reds Postcards
  • W711 1956 Reds Postcards
  • W711 1956 Reds Pictures
  • W711 1957 Reds Pictures
  • W711 1958 Reds Pictures
  • W711 1959 Reds Pictures

As stated, the 1938 Reds Cards were not given the W711 classification despite the fact that they are very similar to the 1939 set. However, they are listed here because they are clearly in the same grouping as these cards as a whole.

1938-40 W711 Cincinnati Reds Checklists

Below are checklists for the 1938, 1939, and 1940 sets. Checklists for the other sets are not listed here as they were not printed until the 1950s, well after World War II had ended.

1938 Set

  1. Wally Berger
  2. Joe Cascarella
  3. Dusty Cooke
  4. Harry Craft
  5. Ray Davis
  6. Paul Derringer
  7. Linus Frey
  8. Lee Gamble
  9. Ival Goodman
  10. Hank Gowdy
  11. Lee Grissom
  12. Willard Hershberger
  13. Ernie Lombardi
  14. Frank McCormick
  15. Bill McKechnie
  16. Whitey Moore
  17. Billy Myers
  18. Lee Riggs
  19. Edd Roush
  20. Gene Schott
  21. Johnny Vander Meer
  22. Bucky Walters
  23. Jim Weaver

1939 Set

  1. Wally Berger
  2. Nino Bongiovanni
  3. Frenchy Bordagaray
  4. Dusty Cook
  5. Harry Craft
  6. Peaches Davis
  7. Paul Derringer
  8. Linus Frey
  9. Lee Gamble
  10. Ival Goodman
  11. Hank Gowdy
  12. Lee Grissom
  13. Willard Hershberger
  14. Eddie Joost
  15. Wesley Livingood
  16. Ernie Lombardi
  17. Frank McCormick
  18. Bill McKechnie
  19. Whitey Moore
  20. Billy Myers
  21. Lew Riggs
  22. Les Scarsella
  23. Junior Thompson
  24. Johnny Vander Meer
  25. Bucky Walters
  26. Bill Werber
  27. Jimmy Wilson

1940 Set

  1. Morris Arnovich
  2. Bill Baker
  3. Joe Beggs
  4. Harry Craft
  5. Paul Derringer
  6. Linus Frey
  7. Ival Goodman
  8. Hank Gowdy
  9. Witt Guise
  10. Socko Hartman
  11. Willard Hershberger
  12. John Hutchings
  13. Eddie Joost
  14. Ernie Lombardi
  15. Frank McCormick
  16. Mike McCormick
  17. Bill McKechnie
  18. Whitey Moore
  19. Bill Myers
  20. Lew Riggs
  21. Elmer Riddle
  22. James Ripple
  23. Milburn Shoffner
  24. Tell the World
  25. Eugene Thompson
  26. James Turner
  27. Johnny Vander Meer
  28. Bucky Walters
  29. Bill Werber
  30. James Wilson
  31. World Champions
  32. 1940 World Series Results

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