1919 Cincinnati Reds Trade Card

‘It’s In The Details’

Title 1919 Cincinnati Reds Trade Card
Year 1919
Size 3 3/4″ x 6″
Images Black and White
Type Trade
Number in Set

1919 Cincinnati Reds Trade Card Overview

1919 Cincinnati Reds Trade Card.jpgThis is a trade card that was used to promote the World Series winning Cincinnati Reds baseball team.

The card features a team photograph of the Reds, who won the 1919 Wold Series. The black and white issue has the print ‘Cincinnati Reds 1919 Champions’ at the bottom along with the names of all of the players on the team.

The card is not only popular with Reds collectors. This was the team that defeated the infamous Chicago White Sox team where eight members colluded to throw the series. Because of that, there is interest among ‘Black Sox’ collectors for items related to that Reds team.

1919 Cincinnati Reds Trade Card Checklist

This appears to be a standalone issue not part of a set.

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