1904 Stenzel’s Rooter Buttons Set and Checklist

It’s In The Details’

Title Stenzel’s Rooter Buttons
Year 1904
Size 1 1/4″
Images Black and White
Type Pins
Number in Set

1904 Stenzel’s Rooter Buttons Overview

Stenzel Rooter Buttons PinsProduced in 1904, the Stenzel’s Rooter Buttons are some of the hardest pin/button issues to find. The set features Cincinnati Reds players and was distributed by Stenzel’s Baseball Exchange, which was near the Reds stadium. The exact name of the store was the Jake Stenzel B.B. Exchange,” according to this Mile High Auction listing. As this Robert Edward Auctions listing states, Stenzel was a former Reds player himself.

The pins themselves are quite generic. The fronts include a plain black and white head shot of a player along with his name at the bottom and the set’s namesake, ‘Stenzel’s Rooter Button,’ at the top. Backs provided a brief message of the pins being compliments of Stenzel’s shop.

While the set’s checklist is currently at 13, it continues to grow. The 13th card (Tommy Corcoran), after all, was just recently found.

In addition, it was recently discovered where the pictures for the pins came from – a team photo. 18 players are pictured in that image so it is possible that the other five could have been included in the pin set.

1904 Stenzel’s Rooter Buttons Checklist

  1. Corcoran
  2. Dolan
  3. Donlin
  4. Ewing
  5. Harper
  6. Kelley
  7. Kellum
  8. O’Neil
  9. Pietz
  10. Schlei
  11. Seymour
  12. Sutthoff
  13. Walker

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