1926 Shotwell Candy Red Grange Set (Movie Series)

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Shotwell Candy Red Grange
Year 1926
Size 2″ x 3″
Images Black and White
Type Candy/Caramel
Number in Set

1926 Shotwell Candy Red Grange Movie Set Overview

26SB 16 Red Grange.jpg

In 1926, Shotwell Candy created two sets of Red Grange football cards. One was a 12-card mostly action set with various shots during his career and the second was a 24-card set featuring Grange in his movie, “One Minute to Play.” Both sets of cards were available in packages of Shotwell Candy’s Red Grange candy bars.

The movie set is blank-backed, unlike Shotwell’s other 12-card set, which had an ad on the backs.

In the movie, Grange plays a high school football star named Red Wade, who wants to play football in college against his father’s wishes. At the time in 1926, Grange had just begun his pro football career. But he was wildly popular out of college already and the movie capitalized on that. Despite being a pro, Grange was only 23 at the time so it wasn’t a huge stretch for him to play a part as a college player.

The set features Grange in various scenes in the movie – both in and out of uniform. The cards are pretty rare and not easy to find. Even at only 24 cards, the set is not very easy to assemble. While all of the cards are valuable, the ones featuring Grange in playing poses are generally more desirable to collectors.

1926 Shotwell Candy Red Grange Movie Set Checklist

Here is a complete checklist of the set.

  1. Grange and woman only heads showing
  2. Grange and woman closeup
  3. Grange and woman standing
  4. Grange sitting in suit to left
  5. Grange with dog
  6. Grange in sweater
  7. Grange throwing
  8. Grange with man in suit/hat
  9. Grange with sweater in middle
  10. Grange in middle
  11. Grange in uniform to left
  12. Grange with helmet
  13. Grange carrying ball (side view)
  14. Grange kicking
  15. Grange catching ball
  16. Grange in suit to right
  17. Grange in uniform in middle
  18. Grange standing in suit to left
  19. Grange in suit in middle
  20. Grange carrying ball (facing front)
  21. Grange in suit to right vertical
  22. Grange close-up smiling
  23. Grange in shirt and tie leaning over
  24. Grange ready to receive ball

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