1935 Klene Gum Shirley Temple Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Klene Gum Shirley Temple
Year 1935
Size 2 3/8″ x 2 3/4″
Images Black and White / Color
Type Gum and Candy
Number in Set
180 (With skip numbering to 210)

1935 Klene Gum Shirley Temple Overview

Despite Shirley Temple’s rise as an American star, this unique set was issued out of Holland.

The set was intended to have 210 cards. However, cards numbered 51 through 80 are not believed to exist. The entire set features only Temple.

The cards appear to be some sort of promotional issue for Temple. Some feature mere headshots of the child actress and others picture her in a variety of poses. The cards are practically square with similar dimensions as American gum cards of the same era. Some of the cards in the set have black and white pictures while others have color.

The black and white card of Temple with the dog is a famous one that has appeared on other cards. That picture can be found on a 1930s Fox postcard as well as a blank-backed Spanish postcard for a company called Fotografia Keystone.

While the set is typically regarded as a non-sports set, a few cards are viewed as sports issues. At least two cards in the set picture Temple in football gear and with a football. Another card depicts her as a tennis player. Other sports cards may exist in the set. Most of the cards in the set sell for roughly the same amounts. However, the sports issues command a bit more.

Also of note, the cards are near ‘rookie’ issues for Temple. Temple’s earliest known cards are from 1934 so these cards are among the earliest produced for her career.

1935 Klene Gum Shirley Temple Checklist

Here is a partial checklist to this set.

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