1929 Exhibit Star Picture Stamps Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Exhibit Star Picture Stamps Postcards
Year 1929
Size 3 1/2″ x 5 1/2″
Images Black and White
Type Postcard/Stamps
Number in Set

1929 Exhibit Star Picture Stamps Overview

Ruth Star Picture Stamps.jpg

The 1929 Exhibit Star Picture Stamps set included a variety of movie stars, including Babe Ruth, who had done some acting. Eight stamps make up a postcard. “Star Pictures Stamp” is printed across the top and the personality’s picture is printed in black and white and surrounded by a red and cream-colored border.

Ruth is pictured along with other movie stars of the era. Another athlete found on the same postcard is boxing legend Jack Dempsey. The postcards can sometimes be found cut up because each one contained eight different stars with lines around the borders. The middle of the front identifies this as a 1929 Exhibit Supply Company Chicago issue and is copyrighted. The back of the postcard has a standard postcard backing.

It should noted that other similar types of stamps exist. This is the Star Pictures Stamp set and this postcard is the only one in that issue. However, there is also a Star Stamp Pictures set and a Stamp Pictures set. These are similar in layout with eight stamps to a postcard. The design around each stamp in those issues is different but they also carry the same ‘1929 Exhibit Supply Company Chicago’ printing on them as the Star Picture Stamps set does.

One could argue that this would be better classified under the S-Card designation as a stamp. However, since it is an exhibit postcard, I have left it here in the W-Cards with the rest of those issues.

1929 Exhibit Star Picture Stamps Checklist

The stamps below are the only ones in the Star Picture Stamps set. No baseball, basketball, football, or hockey players are featured in the other sets mentioned above (Star Stamp Pictures or Stamp Pictures).

  1. Tom Mix
  2. Charles Lindbergh
  3. Babe Ruth (Baseball)
  4. Charlie Chaplin
  5. Jack Dempsey (Boxing)
  6. Harold Lloyd
  7. Douglas Fairbanks
  8. Al Jolson

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