1888 H814 Presidential Baseball Club Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title H814 Presidential Baseball Club
Year 1888
Size 7″ x 11″
Images Various
Type Trade/Tobacco
Number in Set
1 (?)

1888 H814 Presidential Baseball Club Overview

N154 Catcher Facing Left Premium.jpg

As some sort of supplementary issue to their N154 Presidential cards, Duke Sons produced these scarce oversized cards. The cards appear to be exactly the same as those found in the N154 set.

Scarce is not even an adequate word for this set and had it not been classified by Jefferson Burdick in his American Card Catalog, it would not be listed here. As Old Cardboard states, only one known card exists. The card that exists depicts Presidential candidates Benjamin Harrison and Grover Cleveland in a baseball scene.

Like the N154 cards, this set featured Presidential candidates. The only difference is that the H814 issue was a jumbo card with a black border. It was classified as an H-Card by Burdick but because it was an early tobacco card, I have also added this to our N-Card page.

1888 H814 Presidential Baseball Club Checklist

The card featuring Grover Cleveland and Benjamin Harrison is the only one known to exist in the entire set.

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