1912 Imperial Lacrosse (C61) Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Imperial Lacrosse (C61)
Year 1912
Size 1 7/16″ x 2 9/16″
Images Black and White
Type Canadian / Tobacco
Number in Set

1912 Imperial Lacrosse (C61) Set Overview

When it comes to vintage and pre-war lacrosse cards, the C59, C60, and C61 sets distributed in Canada are king.

The C61 set is the third of Imperial’s three lacrosse sets, believed to have been issued in 1912. The cards feature black and white images of famous lacrosse players on the front. The layout of the cards is similar to tobacco cards for other sports with a simple white border and the subject’s name and team at the bottom. These have a decidedly different look from the color lithographic C59 and C60 sets.

Backs of the cards have the title “Lacrosse Series” at the top with a pair of crossed lacrosse sticks at the bottom. The middle of the card includes the player’s name and brief career history. Unlike C59 and C60, these cards include that history in both English and French. Another change from those issues is that these C61 cards have the card number on the back as opposed to the front.

The biggest difference between this set and C59/C60 aside from appearance, however, is that this set was heavily shortened, virtually cut in half with only 50 total cards.

Most of the names will not be familiar to sports card collectors these days. However, the set is known for producing early cards of hockey stars that also played the sport of lacrosse. The most notable of these, arguably, was Hockey Hall of Famer Edouard “Newsy” Lalonde. Famous boxer Tommy Burns, the only Canadian-born World Heavyweight champion, did not appear in this set as he did in the earlier C59 and C60 releases.

The cards are quite rare, though that has not yet translated into a value commensurate with that. Low-grade cards in the set typically start in the $15-$25 range. But the cards are undeniably rare and were produced in much fewer quantities than the baseball issues that were issued in the U.S.

1912 Imperial Lacrosse (C61) Set Checklist

  1. Charlie Querrie
  2. Dolly Durkin
  3. Fred Rowntree
  4. Fred Graydon
  5. Kid Kinsman
  6. Albert Dade
  7. Jimmy Hogan
  8. A. Kenna
  9. W. O’Kane
  10. F. Scott
  11. P.J. Brennan
  12. Mowie McIntyre
  13. Gus Dillon
  14. J. Barry
  15. Johnny Howard
  16. Eddie Powers
  17. Art Warwick
  18. Ernie Menary
  19. Georgie Kalls
  20. Fred Stagg
  21. Edouard “Newsy” Lalonde
  22. Mickey Ions
  23. Mag McGregor
  24. Dot Phelan
  25. Spike Griffiths
  26. Whitey Eastwood
  27. Red McCarthy
  28. Jack Shea
  29. Clint Benedict
  30. Bobby Pringle
  31. A. Ranson
  32. Lawrence Degray
  33. Francis Cummings
  34. Fred Degan
  35. Don Cameron
  36. James Gifford
  37. Archie Hall
  38. W. Turnbull
  39. Punk Wintermute
  40. Tom Gifford
  41. O. Secours
  42. D.R. Lachapelle
  43. Joe Cattarinich
  44. Gauthier
  45. Jack Laviolette
  46. George Roberts
  47. Steve Rochford
  48. Henry Scott
  49. J. McIlwaine
  50. Nick Neville

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