Snider’s and Abraham’s Billiard Tricks Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Snider’s and Abraham’s Billiard Tricks
Year c1908
Size 1 1/2″ x 2 5/8″
Images Color
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

Snider’s and Abraham’s Billiard Tricks Set Overview

This is one of a few instructional sets dedicated to the sport of billiards.

A total of 12 cards are in the set. And while their name is not included on it, they are believed to have been issued by Snider’s and Abraham’s, a tobacco brand.

This is an instructional set that shows off different shots as opposed to focusing on billiards players. Thus, each card features the shot of a pool table with the balls in various positions. Fronts also include the Billiard Tricks name at the top along with a card number and a brief description is at the bottom.

Backs of the cards are printed in blue ink with an advertisement for Standard cork tipped, hand made cigarettes, sandwiching some text about the scene pictured on the front.

The cards are distinctive by their thick orange borders. Most, if not all, other similar other instructional billiards sets had white borders. This is also one of the earliest known sets of its kind.

Dating the cards seems a bit difficult with conflicting information. I have seen some sources listing this as a 1907 issue while others say it is from 1908. Others, still, indicate it was printed as late as the early 1910s.

The set is similar to other tobacco card sets issued by Ogden’s from the same era. However, this set is much rarer than those Ogden’s issues.

Snider’s and Abraham’s Billiard Tricks Set Checklist

  1. Billiard Tricks No. 1
  2. Billiard Tricks No. 2
  3. Billiard Tricks No. 3
  4. Billiard Tricks No. 4
  5. Billiard Tricks No. 5
  6. Billiard Tricks No. 6
  7. Billiard Tricks No. 7
  8. Billiard Tricks No. 8
  9. Billiard Tricks No. 9
  10. Billiard Tricks No. 10
  11. Billiard Tricks No. 11
  12. Billiard Tricks No. 12

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