1928 Ogden’s Billiards by Tom Newman Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Ogden’s Billiards by Tom Newman
Year 1928
Size 1 3/8″ x 2 5/8″
Images Color
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

1928 Ogden’s Billiards by Tom Newman Set Overview

This is one of a few Ogden’s Cigarettes sets dedicated to the sport of billiards.

A total of 50 cards are in the set and cards were issued by Ogden’s for their cigarette product. This is an instructional set that shows off different shots as opposed to focusing on billiards players. Thus, each card features the shot of a pool table with the balls in various positions. Fronts also include the Ogden’s Cigarettes name at the top and the set’s name, Billiards by Tom Newman (along with a card number) is at the bottom.

Backs of the cards give a description of the proposed shot on the table, matching up with a line diagram on the front of where the player is to strike the ball and the path of the ball that it should follow. Backs also repeat the card number and give a title for each card. The “Billiards by Tom Newman” name is also repeated at the top and the Ogden’s name is at the bottom.

The set is ‘endorsed’ by famous English billiards and snooker player Tom Newman. Newman won numerous World Professional Billiards Championships and was one of the top players of his time.

The first 40 cards are specifically for billiards while the final ten cards in the set cover the similar sport of snooker.

The set is similar, but different from a later Ogden’s set titled Trick Billiards, that is believed to have been issued in 1934.

1928 Ogden’s Billiards by Tom Newman Set Checklist

  1. The Key-Stroke of Billiards
  2. A Difficult In-Off Red
  3. Useful In-Off White Played to Force an Opening for a Break
  4. A Deep Screw In-Off for Position
  5. Pretty All-Round Cannon for Position
  6. A Useful In-Off Red
  7. A Strong Run-Through Cannon
  8. An Easy In-Off Red for Position
  9. A Thin In-Off for Position
  10. A Thin Cannon with Strong Left Side
  11. Screw-Cannon Leaving the Balls in Position for Nursery Cannons
  12. A Screw-Back Gathering Cannon
  13. A Positional Red Winning Hazard
  14. Tackling a Double-Baulk
  15. Screw-Back Positional Cannon
  16. Pocketing the Red for Position
  17. Attacking a Double-Baulk
  18. A Kiss-Cannon for Position
  19. A Difficult In-Off the Red
  20. A Useful Screw-Back In-Off White
  21. Single-Baulk Cannon
  22. “Drop” Cannon to Leave Balls Together
  23. Cushion-First Cannon
  24. Cushion-First Cannon
  25. A Useful Kiss-Cannon
  26. A Pretty Two-Cushion Cannon
  27. Saving the White
  28. An Eight-Shot
  29. Saving the White
  30. The Only Shot to Play For
  31. A Simple Kiss-Cannon
  32. Ricochet Cannon
  33. Kiss-Cannon
  34. In-Off Red with Top and Left Side
  35. A Neat Kiss-Cannon
  36. Pocketing Red for Position
  37. Playing for Position
  38. A Long Jenny
  39. Pocketing the Red for Position
  40. A Short Jenny
  41. Snooker – How to Open the Game
  42. Snooker – Getting out o a “Snooker”
  43. Snooker – A Two-Ball “Snooker”
  44. Snooker – Taking the Last Two Balls
  45. Snooker – A Good Snooker
  46. Snooker – Getting on the Black
  47. Snooker – A “Swerve” Shot
  48. Snooker – Clearing the Board
  49. Snooker – An Awkward “Snooker”
  50. Snooker – A Deep Screw-Back for Position

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