1928 Foursome Cigarettes Billiards by Willie Smith Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Foursome Cigarettes Billiards by Willie Smith
Year 1928
Size 1 1/2″ x 2 5/8″
Images Color
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

1928 Foursome Cigarettes Billiards by Willie Smith Set Overview

This is one of a few instructional sets dedicated to the sport of billiards.

A total of 50 cards are believed to be in the set. The first cards mention they are in the “First Set of Ten” and a second series of 15 was then created. A third set of 25 was planned but only three of those cards, No. 26 through 28, are known to have been printed. Cards were issued by Foursome Cigarettes.

This is an instructional set that shows off different shots as opposed to focusing on billiards players. Thus, each card features the shot of a pool table with the balls in various positions. Fronts also include the Foursome Cigarettes name at the top and the title of the shot depicted at the bottom.

Backs of the cards give a description of the proposed shot on the table, matching up with a line diagram on the front of where the player is to strike the ball and the path of the ball that it should follow. Backs also include the card number and repeat a title for each card. The “Billiards by Willie Smith” name is at the top.

The set is ‘endorsed’ by famous billiards champion Willie Smith. The descriptions provided on the back are, presumably, from him. Smith won the World Billiards Championship both times he entered the tournament and is regarded as one of the top players of his era.

The set is similar to other tobacco card sets issued by Ogden’s from the same era. However, this set is much rarer than those Ogden’s issues.

1928 Foursome Cigarettes Billiards by Willie Smith Set Checklist

  1. The Middle Pocket Loser
  2. The Long Loser
  3. The Long Loser Using Side
  4. A Losing Hazard
  5. A Cross Loser
  6. A Forcing Cross Loser
  7. A Positional Cross Loser
  8. A Cross Loser
  9. A Cross Loser
  10. A Cross Loser
  11. TBD
  12. TBD
  13. TBD
  14. TBD
  15. TBD
  16. TBD
  17. TBD
  18. TBD
  19. TBD
  20. TBD
  21. TBD
  22. TBD
  23. TBD
  24. TBD
  25. TBD
  26. TBD
  27. TBD
  28. TBD

Cards No. 29 through 50 are believed to have been planned but not printed.

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