1934 Ogden’s Trick Billiards Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Ogden’s Trick Billiards
Year 1934
Size 1 3/8″ x 2 5/8″
Images Color
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

1928 Ogden’s Trick Billiards Set Overview

This is one of a few Ogden’s Cigarettes sets dedicated to the sport of billiards.

A total of 50 cards are in the set and cards were issued by Ogden’s for their cigarette product. This is an instructional set that shows off different shots as opposed to focusing on billiards players. Thus, each card features the shot of a pool table with the balls in various positions. Fronts also include the Ogden’s Cigarettes name at the top and the set’s name, Trick Billiards by A. Newman-Mond (along with a card number) is at the bottom.

Backs of the cards give a description of the proposed shot on the table, matching up with a line diagram on the front of where the player is to strike the ball and the path of the ball that it should follow. Backs also repeat the card number and give a title for each card. The “Trick Billiards by A. Newman Mond” name is also repeated at the top and the Ogden’s name is at the bottom.

The set is ‘endorsed’ by famous trick shot artist Newman Mond. The descriptions provided on the back are, presumably, from him.

The set is similar, but different from an earlier Ogden’s set titled Billiards by Tom Newman, that is believed to have been issued in 1928.

1928 Ogden’s Trick Billiards Set Checklist

  1. The “Heels Together” Stroke
  2. Knocking Down a Match
  3. The Last Ball Goes in First
  4. Hitting a “Snooker”
  5. A Billiards Race
  6. A Cannon into a Bowler Hat
  7. “Jumping” a “Snooker”
  8. Knocking Coins out of a Ring
  9. A Billiards Miracle
  10. Potting the Black
  11. A Difficult Screw-Back
  12. A Slow Swerve
  13. The Letter “S” Trick
  14. A Hand Cannon
  15. An In-Off by Hand
  16. Rolling a Ball Uphill
  17. Potting Blue, Pink and Black
  18. Half-Crown into a Hat
  19. Lifting a Ball into a Hat
  20. A Tricking In-Off by Hand
  21. Standing One Ball on Three Others
  22. A Cannon with a “Tipless” Cue
  23. Pocketing Three Balls in One Stroke
  24. The Double-Stroke Shot
  25. Three Balls; Three Pockets; Two Strokes
  26. Snookered by a Hat
  27. Potting a “Snookered” Red
  28. Potting a Ball with a Penny
  29. A Cannon Without Potting the Red
  30. Potting an Angled Ball
  31. Striking Top Ball First
  32. Pot the Red and Cannon
  33. Double the Red Twenty Times
  34. Altering Triangle of Balls
  35. Running Round the Table
  36. The “Shrinking Ball” Stroke
  37. A Cannon from the Angle
  38. Leaving the Red on the Spot
  39. Three Balls in Same Pocket; Two Strokes
  40. A Surprise Cannon
  41. A Tricky Five Shot
  42. A Three-Cushion Kiss Cannon
  43. A Six-Cushion Cannon
  44. Breaking a Double Baulk
  45. Potting Two Balls Along the Cushion
  46. Rolling a Ball Off the Cushion
  47. A Tricky Pot Red
  48. An Ingenious Cannon
  49. A Middle Pocket “Cut”
  50. A Steeplechase Stroke

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