Honus Wagner T206 Baseball Card Sets (Another) Record

Sports card prices are on the rise and among the craze are pre-war cards. The Honus Wagner T206 card is no different and there have seemingly been more auctions for Wagner cards than usual.

I don’t have any real evidence of that. It just seems like Wagner cards have been auctioned off more this year than in recent memory. Only about two months ago, the record amount for a PSA 1 Wagner was broken. And now, only a few months later, it’s been shattered again with a Goldin Auctions card topping $1.4 million.

The previous Wagner record for a PSA 1, if you’ve forgotten already, was $1,169,875, set in a recent Mile High Auction.

Why the drastic price jump in such a short time? After all, this PSA 1 earned more than $250,000 more than a card in the same grade did only about two months ago. Well, we all know that not all graded cards are equal in terms of aesthetics. Is this a card of simply being in better condition despite both receiving the same technical grade?

Some could see it that way, I suppose, but I don’t personally think so. The Wagner that just sold is does not have as much creasing as the one from the Mile High auction but it is missing a huge chunk from the upper left corner. I think some folks could actually make an argument for that being just an Authentic grade card as opposed to a 1.

Any number of things could be at play here. As I’ve written before, the fluctuation of sales for very expensive cards can fluctuate greatly. That’s mostly because there are far fewer bidders for those types of cards and if even one or two of those folks pass on an auction, that can mean a far lower price.

Variances between auction houses in terms of fees can fluctuate and some bidders have their preferred sellers. Or, despite my thought on the aesthetics, this card aesthetically simply appealed to more bidders. And perhaps other bidders that could financially be in the running for this card sat this one out or pursued other high-dollar cards. Who knows.

Whatever the reason, the Wagner card continues to set new records.

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