Editor’s Notes (October 2019)

Each month, content gets updated on the Pre-War Cards site. However, while you see the regular articles that are posted, plenty of stuff is always being added behind the scenes. Much of this has to do with the updating of set descriptions and checklists in the database and each month, I’ll be posting to alert you to stuff that has been added or updated from the previous month.

Here are the items added/updated from the past month.


News on the site has been mostly pretty slow. I tend to enjoy that as it allows me to focus more on writing purely about the cards and less on what is happening in the hobby. I’d always take the former.

I’ve changed the name of this little feature to Editor’s Notes, since that’s a bit more appropriate for what it actually is. In addition to offering updates of what’s been added to the site in the past month, it will also involve a bit of commentary from me, which is almost certainly not going to be needed even in the slightest.

Roy Hobbs 1940 Play Ball CardsA bit of news to mention. My absolute favorite piece of news for the month was writing about the cool 1940 Play Ball Roy Hobbs cards that were printed for the movie The Natural. I hadn’t found any deep dives into the cards and got some great perspective on them from Andrew Aronstein, son of one of the TCMA founders, who designed the cards.

In terms of actual hobby news, the biggest item was probably the Honus Wagner T206 that sold for $1.35 million in a recent Mile High auction. And in an effort to offer buyers a bit more security, COMC is now offering ‘no questions asked’ 30-day refunds. Someone else mentioned to me that they had 14-day refunds before but I wasn’t even aware of that. This was a full announcement very much intended to get into the open so that collectors know about it.

Oh, yeah, and I went to a flea market but didn’t exactly strike it rich.

From a collecting perspective, I wrote about using binders for storage and plain white envelopes for shipping. Those were two of the most-trafficked articles of the month so I’ll try to do some more stuff that focuses on the overall aspects of collecting.

Finally, the site also added its first advertiser in Birmingham Auctioneers. Advertising isn’t something I’ve really pursued but that will probably change at some point as the site gets more popular and continues to grow traffic wise. Birmingham does a great job with its auctions and you’ll always find a lot of key stuff there. You’ll notice their sidebar ad off to the right of the site. Be sure to patronize those good folks and stuff.

New Sets Added

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Set Updates/Expansions

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