Latest Honus Wagner T206 Card Tops $1.35 Million

The PSA 2 Honus Wagner T206 card sold for big bucks in a recent Mile High auction

wagnert206The latest Mile High Card Company auction concluded recently and the centerpiece of the event was a Honus Wagner T206 card graded a PSA 2.

Short of having two Wagner cards in a single event, that would be the centerpiece of just about any auction. The card ultimately sold for $1,353,625.

If the card looks/sounds familiar, it should. It was learned earlier this year that the same card was bought in a private sale for a reported $1.2 million. This sale obviously topped that price.

I was curious to see where this one would end up and was wondering if it would even reach that $1.2 million figure. After all, prior to the reported $1.2 million sale, the card sold for significantly less in 2016, going for under $800,000. But the $1.35 million continued to push its value upward.

I apparently wasn’t the only one asking that question. Mile High’s president and CEO Brian Drent says that others wondered aloud, too.

“People have been asking if I was concerned that the auction wouldn’t live up to the hype and I repeatedly told them no because we have the best collector base in the business,” Drent said in a press release. “Golden opportunities like this don’t come often and “The Event” exceeded our high expectations. We owe it all to them.”

Wagner cards remain pretty solid investments for those that are looking to make a quick buck. The problem, of course, is having the funds to be in a position to buy one. But prices for the iconic card have continued to increase and that means that they often are good investments.

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