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Massive W514 Set is King of the Strip Card Issues

When it comes to baseball strip card sets, the W514 release stands alone at the top

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Breaking into Pre-War Collecting: Strip Cards

The next installment of my series of helping collectors get started with pre-war cards. The first one tackled game cards and another affordable option are strip cards. Overview Strip cards were generally given with purchases or sold by retailers. Hence the name, they mostly came in a long strip where merchants could cut or rip off a certain amount for

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1920-21 W514 Strip Card Set

‘It’s In The Details’ Title W514 Strip Year 1920-21 Size Varies by Cut Images Color Type Strip Number in Set 120 W514 Strip Overview The W514 strip card set is one of the more significant such issues. It includes almost all of the banned members of the 1919 Chicago Black Sox team, including would-be Hall of Famer Joe Jackson. The

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