1919-21 W514 Barker Bread Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title W514 Barker Bread
Year 1919-21
Size 1 3/8″ x 2 1/2″ (approximate – varies by cut)
Images Color
Type Bakery/Strip
Number in Set

W514 Barker Bread Strip Overview

Barker Bread BackW514 Barker Bread Collins

The W514 strip card set is one of the more significant such issues. It includes almost all of the banned members of the 1919 Chicago Black Sox team, including would-be Hall of Famer Joe Jackson. The lone player not included is Fred McMullin.

While most of the W514 cards are found with blank backs, some feature an ad for Barker Bread, creating a similar but slightly different issue. These look exactly like regular W514s from the front but have the Barker Bread name on the back.

Barker Bread advertisements on the back read:

Safe at the Home Plate
Barker Bread

Several of the Barker Bread cards have been found with most of the ad back missing due to the cards having been glued to an album. While some have remained mostly intact, others have much less of the advertisement remaining.

Unlike some other strip card sets, this is solely a baseball issue. It is completely packed with big names and Hall of Famers. Leading the way is the aforementioned Jackson, Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Christy Mathewson, and Walter Johnson.

The cards are a pretty typical strip release. Hand cut, these will usually be found with some sort of uneven edges. The fronts feature a color cartoon image of a certain player and his name, position, and team are printed in the bottom border. In addition, a tiny card number is printed on the front of the player’s card.

A total of 120 cards are in the set.

W514 Barker Bread Strip Checklist

Since the Barker Bread cards are extremely rare, it is not known if every card in the W514 set can be found with their advertisements. However, assuming they can, this is the full checklist.

  1. Ira Flagstead
  2. Babe Ruth
  3. Happy Felsch
  4. Doc Lavan
  5. Phil Douglas
  6. Earle Neale
  7. Leslie Nunamaker
  8. Sam Jones
  9. Claude Hendrix
  10. Frank Schulte
  11. Cactus Cravath
  12. Pat Moran
  13. Dick Rudolph
  14. Art Fletcher
  15. Joe Jackson
  16. Bill Southworth
  17. Ad Luque
  18. Charlie Deal
  19. Al Mamaux
  20. Stuffy McInnis
  21. Rabbit Maranville
  22. Max Carey
  23. Dickie Kerr
  24. George Burns
  25. Eddie Collins
  26. Steve O’Neil
  27. Bill Fisher
  28. Rube Bressler
  29. Bob Shawkey
  30. Donie Bush
  31. Chick Gandil
  32. Rollie Zeider
  33. Vean Gregg
  34. Miller Huggins
  35. Lefty Williams
  36. Tubby Spencer
  37. Lew MCCarty
  38. Hod Eller
  39. Joe Gedeon
  40. Dave Bancroft
  41. Clarke Griffith
  42. Wilbur Cooper
  43. Ty Cobb
  44. Roger Peckinpaugh
  45. Nic Carter
  46. Heinie Groh
  47. Bob Roth
  48. Frank Davis
  49. Leslie Mann
  50. Fielder Jones
  51. Bill Doak
  52. John McGraw
  53. Charles Hollocher
  54. Babe Adams
  55. Dode Paskert
  56. Rogers Hornsby
  57. Max Rath
  58. Jeff Pfeffer
  59. Nick Cullop
  60. Ray Schalk
  61. Bill Jacobson
  62. Nap Lajoie
  63. George Gibson
  64. Harry Hooper
  65. Grover Alexander
  66. Ping Bodie
  67. Hank Gowdy
  68. Jake Daubert
  69. Red Faber
  70. Ivan Olson
  71. Pickles Dilhoefer
  72. Christy Mathewson
  73. Ira Wingo
  74. Fred Merkle
  75. Home Run Baker
  76. Bert Gallia
  77. Milt Watson
  78. Bert Shotten
  79. Sam Rice
  80. Dan Greiner
  81. Larry Doyle
  82. Eddie Cicotte
  83. Hugo Bezdek
  84. Wally Pipp
  85. Edd Roush
  86. Slim Sallee
  87. Bill Killefer
  88. Bob Veach
  89. Jim Burke
  90. Everett Scott
  91. Buck Weaver
  92. George Whitted
  93. Ed Konetchy
  94. Walter Johnson
  95. Sam Crawford
  96. Fred Mitchell
  97. Ira Thomas
  98. Jimmy Ring
  99. Wally Schang
  100. Benny Kauff
  101. George Sisler
  102. Tris Speaker
  103. Carl Mays
  104. Buck Herzog
  105. Swede Risberg
  106. Hughie Jennings
  107. Pep Young
  108. Walter Reuther
  109. Joe Gharrity
  110. Zack Wheat
  111. Jim Vaughn
  112. Kid Gleason
  113. Casey Stengel
  114. Hal Chase
  115. Oscar Stanage
  116. Larry Shean
  117. Steve Pendergast
  118. Larry Kopf
  119. Charles Whiteman
  120. Jess Barnes

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