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Ty Cobb’s Least Expensive Pre-War Cards

A while back, I wrote about some of the more inexpensive cards from Babe Ruth’s playing days. Ty Cobb is another common player I’m often asked about. If you’ve just started collecting Cobb in recent years, you’ve missed out a little. His cards have continued to increase in value and even some of his more common cards, such as his

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Starting a Pre-War Card Collection with $100

As I wrote recently, the 1936 Goudey set is the perfect set introduction for new pre-war collectors. It’s short, affordable, and doesn’t have any expensive cards if you can handle low-grade. But what about for those that don’t collect sets? Well, I recently wrote an article for Sports Collectors Daily, highlighting some cards featuring pre-war Hall of Famers that you

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Rare Baseball Stamp Part of 1930s Safety Promotion

With the popularization of automobiles increasing after the Great Depression, driving safety became a major focal point in the 1930s. After driving accidents and deaths had been on a steady decline since the invention of the automobile, those rose sharply in the early 1930s. Many factors were in play but part of it was likely due to the end of

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1917 Youth’s Companion Stamp – Babe Ruth or Rube Marquard?

Some of the great mysteries of pre-war card issues is linking unidentified pictures of players with actual players of the era. When able to establish a credible link of a player to an issue depicting an unknown player, that generally increases the collectability and the value. Consider, for example, the relatively recent discovery that the highly desired Joe Jackson is

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1944 Venezuela Serie Mundial de Base Ball Amateur Stamps Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’ Title Venezuela Serie Mundial de Base Ball Amateur Stamps Year 1944 Size Unknown Images Single Color Ink Type Stamps Number in Set 9 1944 Venezuela Serie Mundial de Base Ball Amateur Stamps Overview These stamps were printed to celebrate the 7th Annual Venezuelan Amateur Baseball World Series. The formal Spanish name, the “Serie Mundial de Base

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1939 Baseball Centennial U.S. 3-Cent Postage Stamp A Cheap Pre-War Collectible

‘It’s In The Details’ Title Baseball Centennial U.S. 3-Cent Postage Stamp Year 1939 Size 1″ x 1 1/2″ Images Blue Ink Type Stamps Number in Set 1 1939 Baseball Centennial Stamp Overview Baseball experienced its centennial anniversary in 1939 and celebrated in a variety of ways with different products. One such product released was a special U.S. postage stamp. The

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