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Comparing COMC vs. Sportlots

I placed some orders on COMC and Sportlots. Here’s how I rate the two sites.

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Could 1938 Whitman Big League Baseball Game Card Baserunner be Lou Gehrig?

1938 Whitman Big League Baseball Game Background In 1938, the Whitman Card Game was produced by the Whitman Publishing Company. The game was the creation of two gentlemen, Ralph Williams and Frank Effinger from Racine, Wisconsin-based Whitman Publishing. The game was like many others of the time period. Players used cards to compete in a simulated baseball game. The cards

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1890s Enameline Paper Dolls Wichita Wholesale Grocery Back Stamp Variation Discovered

While many different companies added their own printing to cards that were already created, one issue that I had not previously seen that with was the 1890s J.L. Prescott/Enameline Paper Dolls. That changed recently with the discovery of one with a back stamp. Background The 1890s J.L. Prescott Enameline trade cards comprised a set of nine paper dolls. J.L. Prescott

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Solving a 1938 Sawyer Biscuit Cabinet Mystery and Adding One to the Checklist

1938 Sawyer Biscuit Cabinets Overview The 1938 Sawyer Biscuit Cabinet set was a unique set of photographs distributed by the Sawyer Biscuit Company. You can read more about them here but, essentially, they were black and white/sepia style photographs inside of a makeshift frame. In exchange for a coupon from the company’s Sawyer Butter Cookies set and ten cents, a

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A New Twist in H804-38 ‘An Accurate Barometer’ Trade Cards Set

An Accurate Barometer Introduction For years, the trade card set, ‘An Accurate Barometer’ has been a pretty common issue. The more commonly known cards among sports card collectors are the two featuring a boy with aspirations of playing a game of baseball. A third baseball issue without the ‘An Accurate Barometer’ tag but with the same design/layout exists as well. Some other non-sports

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1917 Youth’s Companion Stamp – Babe Ruth or Rube Marquard?

Some of the great mysteries of pre-war card issues is linking unidentified pictures of players with actual players of the era. When able to establish a credible link of a player to an issue depicting an unknown player, that generally increases the collectability and the value. Consider, for example, the relatively recent discovery that the highly desired Joe Jackson is

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