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Is the Babe Ruth Rookie Card Undervalued?

The Bambino’s rookie card is pricey, but should it be even more valuable? Most collectors consider Babe Ruth’s cards in the M101-4/5 Sporting News/Mendelsohn series to be his rookie issues. Printed in 1916, these cards were near the start of Ruth’s career. And while his 1914 Baltimore News card came first (as well as a few other non-traditional trading cards),

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Top Five (okay, Six) Pre-War Cards of All Time

I recently had the chance to discuss pre-war cards for an interview with the fine folks over at Collection Connections. One of the questions was an intriguing one asking for my pick for the top five pre-war cards of all time. Those sorts of things are always tricky because the answer can change given certain parameters. Top five most expensive

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1940s Editorial Bruguera World Famous Sportsmen Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’ Title Editorial Bruguera World Famous Sportsmen Year 1940s Size 3 1/2″ x 4 3/4″ Images Color Type Publications Number in Set 12 1940s Editorial Bruguera World Famous Sportsmen Overview This interesting multi-sport set was produced by Editorial Bruguera, a Spanish publishing company based out of Barcelona. While this is a subset of 12 athletes, Editorial Bruguera

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