1920 Chums Sports Gallery Boxing Supplements Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Chums Sports Gallery Boxing Supplements
Year 1920
Size 6 1/4″ x 9 1/2″
Images Black and White
Type Publications
Number in Set

1920 Chums Sports Gallery Boxing Supplements Set Overview

This set was a supplements issue distributed by Chums Magazine. They were issued in May and June of 1920 and the set includes six different boxers.

These supplements are a bit of an odd size, measuring roughly 6″ x 10″. They are black and white featuring various fighters of the era. Printed in the border area is the Chums Sports Gallery name along with the number of the specific supplement.

The boxer’s name was printed in all capital letters in the bottom border. The specific dated publication is also printed in the border area making it easy to determine the specific week a particular supplement was offered. They appear to have been folded directly with the publication as all copies I have seen have shown traces of this fold, which should be taken into consideration when trying to properly grade them.

Jack Dempsey was not easily the star of the group but his supplement is very desirable as it can be technically considered as a rookie issue by some collectors, along with Dempsey’s Underwood & Underwood card, believed to have been issued in either 1919 or 1920.

Like many early boxing issues, the values of most of these are modest, with the exception of the Dempsey, which can command a bit more. Dempsey copies in decent condition start around $75-$100.

1920 Chums Sports Gallery Boxing Supplements Set Checklist

Below is a checklist along with the dates of the publications with which they were issued.

  1. Georges Carpentier (May 1, 1920)
  2. Joe Beckett (May 8, 1920)
  3. Jack Dempsey (May 15, 1920)
  4. Billy Wells (May 22, 1920)
  5. Frank Goddard (May 29, 1920)
  6. Eddie McGoorty (June 5, 1920)

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