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Why Was a Trio of Retired Hall of Famers in the 1933 Goudey Set?

To the surprise of some, the landmark set includes three Hall of Fame players that had actually concluded their careers

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Nap Lajoie 1933 Goudey was the Ultimate Chase Card … and had Ties to Babe Ruth

Short print cards have been around in the baseball card hobby for about as long as it’s existed. These cards are generally ones that are limited on purpose for any number of reasons. Back in 1933, baseball cards were going through big time changes. Tobacco cards, other than ones printed internationally, were basically extinct. And while candy cards certainly continued,

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Top Five (okay, Six) Pre-War Cards of All Time

I recently had the chance to discuss pre-war cards for an interview with the fine folks over at Collection Connections. One of the questions was an intriguing one asking for my pick for the top five pre-war cards of all time. Those sorts of things are always tricky because the answer can change given certain parameters. Top five most expensive

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