1913 Nap Lajoie Game Cards Very Affordable

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Nap Lajoie Game Cards
Year 1913
Size 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″
Images Red-Tint/Blue-Tint
Type Game Cards
Number in Set

1913 Nap Lajoie Game Cards Overview

13ParkerBrothers Lajoie.jpgThe 1913 Nap Lajoie game cards were part of a board game created by Parker Brothers.

Fronts of the cards featured a list of various actions to be followed when playing the game. All backs included the same picture of Lajoie with a baseball bat. The picture of Lajoie are found with either a red tint or blue tint.

As is the case with other gaming issues, the cards have rounded corners. Because they were part of a game and generally stored within the game box, collectors will often find these in decent (or even great) condition.

Because every card features Lajoie, these cards are relatively plentiful despite being over 100 years old. Obviously the specific actions on each card are different, but to baseball card collectors only wanting a Lajoie card, any one from the set will generally do.

For that reason, these are usually pretty affordable, often selling for about $10-$20 for ungraded cards.

But while it is easy to find an individual card, finding the entire game is extremely difficult. These occasionally surface from time to time (one sold on eBay in October 2016), but are not easy to find.

1913 Nap Lajoie Game Cards Checklist

While the game includes many different cards with various action items printed on them, only two different types of Nap Lajoie cards are available:

  1. Nap Lajoie – Blue Tint
  2. Nap Lajoie – Red Tint

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