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Allen & Ginter, Kimball, and Goodwin Champions Got Their Start in 1800s

19th Century pre-war cards have been given new life again with recent issues In the 19th Century, tobacco card sets began focusing on a variety of sports. Numerous non-sports sets existed but Allen & Ginter, Kimball, and Goodwin branded cigarettes issued sets of ‘champions,’ highlighting the best of the best in various sports. Today, collectors are familiar with these types

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When a Pre-War Collector Goes Rogue

Finding a pair of unique (and newer) cards For nearly five years now, I’ve been pretty much exclusively collecting pre-war cards. After a long hiatus, I got back into the hobby around ten years ago. I picked up with collecting almost all vintage stuff from the 1950s and quickly went older after that. I dove into the 1951 Bowman set

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