Breaking Two Modern Boxes of Panini Baseball Cards for No Good Reason

On a spur of the moment purchase, I opened two boxes of modern baseball cards. It went as bad as I expected.

Well, the holidays are over and let me tell you — when you’re off from work for nearly two weeks, you get bored in a hurry.

A few days before Christmas I had this weird urge to open packs of baseball cards. This doesn’t happen too often. The last time I opened packs of modern sports cards was almost four years ago — and that was to write a dumb article. But with a long break ahead, I had nothing better to do so I ran to the local Target in search of cards to film a video for kicks.

I wasn’t even sure I’d find any. After all, Target had temporarily shut down its sales of sports cards for a while last year. But they’re now stocking back up and I was ‘fortunate’ enough to come across some sort of baseball cards called Panini Chronicles and Panini Mosaic, both from 2021.

I knew nothing about these cards and, other than learning the names of some new prospects, am still mostly in the dark.

But, hey, we got a few autographs and even fewer laughs along the way. So if you want to watch a pre-war collector struggle to open new boxes of cards without complaining, this is your chance.

No animals were harmed in the making of this video.

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