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12 Fast Facts About the Honus Wagner T206 Card

12 things every collector should know about the Honus Wagner T206 card Virtually every baseball card collector has heard of the famous Honus Wagner T206 card. But if you’re not too familiar with it, here are some fast facts about it. Dimensions: Many collectors not familiar with pre-war cards might be surprised by its relatively diminutive size. Exact measurements on

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T206 Honus Wagner comes to eBay

Honus Wagner T206 cards are frequently advertised on eBay. As it is the most expensive baseball card of all time, you’ll usually see quite a mix of obvious reprints as well as cards cleverly (or often, poorly) described as cards that are possibly real. Authentic Wagners very rarely make it to the site, however. Typically, they are reserved for the

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Top Five (okay, Six) Pre-War Cards of All Time

I recently had the chance to discuss pre-war cards for an interview with the fine folks over at Collection Connections. One of the questions was an intriguing one asking for my pick for the top five pre-war cards of all time. Those sorts of things are always tricky because the answer can change given certain parameters. Top five most expensive

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