PSA 2 Honus Wagner Sells Privately for $1.2 Million

The famous card is reportedly the first known million-dollar card sale of 2019

Anytime a Honus Wagner T206 card sells, it’s big news. And over the holiday weekend, an announcement hit for one that was privately sold for more than $1 million.

SCP Auctions handled the sale of a Wagner PSA 2, which sold for $1.2 million. Neither the buyer nor the seller was identified.

ESPN’s article indicates the card last sold for $776,750 in 2016. That would be this card, which was sold by Heritage. It has heavily worn (and I mean, heavily worn) corners but is in pretty nice shape otherwise.

SCP Auctions president David Kohler says it’s “a truly remarkable amount” for a card rated as Good 2 condition. He says it’s “only a matter of time” before any graded card in even lower condition will bring $1 million.

The latter part of that statement by Kohler is likely true. With prices on the move, it is easy to see a world where any Wagner, regardless of condition, will sell for seven figures.

The selling price is yet another strong indicator that pre-war cards are increasing steadily in value. That kind of return on investment in such a short time is impressive.

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