T206 Honus Wagner comes to eBay

Honus Wagner T206 cards are frequently advertised on eBay. As it is the most expensive baseball card of all time, you’ll usually see quite a mix of obvious reprints as well as cards cleverly (or often, poorly) described as cards that are possibly real.

Honus Wagner PSA 2 eBay Auction (2)Authentic Wagners very rarely make it to the site, however. Typically, they are reserved for the more traditional auction houses where they will get a heavy dose of pre-sale advertising. But it looks like a legit one is being offered on currently.

This listing advertises a PSA 2 Wagner card for sale. It is being run as a straight auction starting at $1.5 million as opposed to a Buy it Now listing.

The card does not appear to exhibit writing or significant paper loss. However, the numerous creases make it appear as if it could be slightly overgraded. Typically, cards with so many creases would often receive a grade of 1. Still, it is an incredible card, regardless of the condition.

It will be interesting to see if the card sells. It could be worthy of a seven-figure price. But it remains to be seen whether someone will make the purchase. Plus, the card does not appear to have sold for that much yet. According to PSA’s records of tracked sales, the card last sold in a Memory Lane auction for $600,000 last year. That was actually less than what it brought in 2012 when it sold for just over $650,000.

As of earlier today, the card had not received any bids. However, there was plenty of interest generated with about 75 people watching the auction.

Stay tuned.

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