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New Insight into 1928 F50 Sweetman Card Set and Company?

The F50 designation has been assigned to four 1928 baseball card sets in the pre-war era – Yuengling Ice Cream, Tharp’s Ice Cream, Harrington’s Ice Cream, and a fourth manufacturer called the Sweetman Company. Regarding that last company, it has been a mystery as to what they produced. The other three sets of cards were made by ice cream companies.

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1928 Harrington, Sweetman, Tharp, Yuengling Sets (F50)

‘It’s In The Details’ Title F50 Harrington, Sweetman, Tharp, Yuengling Year 1928 Size 1 3/8″ x 2 1/2″ Images Black and White Type Food Number in Set 60 1928 Harrington, Sweetman, Tharp, Yuengling (F50) Overview While four distinct sets make up the F50 designation in the American Card Catalog, each release is very similar to the others. Harrington’s, Sweetman’s, Tharp’s,

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