1940s Cracker Jack Sport (V410) Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Cracker Jack Sport (V410)
Year 1940s
Size 2 1/2″ x 3″
Images Color
Type Canadian
Number in Set

1940s Cracker Jack Sport (V410) Overview

1940s Cracker Jack Sports BaseballThe 1940s Cracker Jack Sport set is a 48-card set that featured a total of 24 different sports. The gimmick of the set was to depict a sport in both its past and present for.

Most major American sports are represented, including baseball, basketball, football, hockey, golf, tennis, boxing, and wrestling, among others. The cards picture generic athletes but some specific ones are named. The modern baseball card, for example, mentions both Babe Ruth and Ty Cobb. The baseball cards generally start in the $25-$50 range but the cards are somewhat rare.

Fronts of the cards have color images of the depictions of various sports. Backs include a card number and title, along with a writeup of the sport that is shown. Most cards are known with rounded corners though some have sharp corners instead.

Of note are the origins of the set. This set was produced by American brand Cracker Jack. However, these are actually Canadian cards as they were manufactured by Lowney’s, a candy company. The Lowney’s name may be familiar as they created another set, the Just Kids (V49) candy card set, which included two baseball cards in it, as well as a set of postcards, which included golf.

Numerous years have been credited to this set sometimes, including 1943 and 1949. However, it is mostly called a 1940s issue. Finally, a collectible album was also made for the cards.

1940s Cracker Jack Sport (V410) Checklist

  1. Bicycle Racing
  2. Bicycle Racing
  3. Snowshoe Racing
  4. Snowshoe Racing
  5. Hockey
  6. Hockey
  7. Boxing
  8. Boxing
  9. Auto Racing
  10. Auto Racing
  11. Basketball
  12. Basketball
  13. Bowling
  14. Bowling
  15. Lacrosse
  16. Lacrosse
  17. Motor Boat Racing
  18. Motor Boat Racing
  19. Croquet
  20. Croquet
  21. Rowing and Sculling
  22. Rowing and Sculling
  23. Skiing
  24. Skiing
  25. Softball
  26. Softball
  27. Swimming
  28. Swimming
  29. Tennis
  30. Tennis
  31. Polo
  32. Polo
  33. Baseball
  34. Baseball
  35. Speed Skating
  36. Speed Skating
  37. Wrestling
  38. Wrestling
  39. Badminton
  40. Badminton
  41. Track and Field
  42. Track and Field
  43. Football
  44. Football
  45. Golf
  46. Golf
  47. Archery
  48. Archery

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