SGC Adjusts Card Grading Operations Due to the Coronavirus

SGC is making some operations changes with regards to its card grading

Chick Gandil T212 Obak SGCWhile PSA and Beckett have halted their card grading operations, SGC has continued, for now, its operations. On Friday, though, the company sent out an email with some updates regarding their business.

SGC will continue to accept graded card submissions, but only via the mail. In-person services for pickups/dropoffs and customer service are still not available due to spread of the Coronavirus / Covid-19 virus. Additionally, phone service is now no longer an option. Customers wanting to reach SGC should email SGC’s operational changes have been made in compliance with the recent Florida “Stay-At-Home” order, signed by Governor DeSantis.

SGC, along with PSA and Beckett, make up the bulk of the graded card industry. While other card grading companies exist, this ‘big three’ of companies is viewed as, by far, the most reputable and most widely used in the U.S.

It is unknown, of course, if further actions will be needed due to the spread of the virus. It is conceivable that, like PSA and Beckett, SGC would need to halt its grading in the future. For now, however, they remain open for business with these alterations. And as I wrote in that earlier linked article, that bodes well for SGC as they are the only one of the big three grading companies that is currently accepting and processing submissions.

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